Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hi Guys

It's me.

Just...thank you.

Thank you all so much.

I feel like a bit of a dumbass, though, because I saw Morningstar's comments and actually believed them for a second, even though I know he's a lying son of a whore. Then I read what the rest of you wrote and I remembered. And...I was still scared, but I knew I was going to get out. I just had to hold on a little longer.

I...I don't really want to think about what it was like...but I can tell you how I got out. Labyrinth

I don't know how long I was in there...even after I read your comments and knew that someone was trying to get me out, it felt like forever. Then I heard...I actually heard someone calling my name.


"I'm here now."

Then when I opened my eyes again, the sun was back and Daniel was there. He had blood dripping from his nose and it was all over his shirt, and he looked like he hadn't slept in forever, but he was there, and I had never been so happy to see him in my life. And then I started crying. Then I took a long nap, woke up, cried some more. Then fell asleep again. This morning I woke up early, called my brother, managed to keep it together during the conversation. And cried once it was over. I'm pretty sure I cried my weight in tears. Yes, I am a big softy.

I had to go to class today (I could forgive myself for missing yesterday, but two days in a row and people start asking questions). I didn't care though. It's sunny outside and there's so much light, and it makes me happy. If anything, this entire thing just made me appreciate the light more. And Daniel. And you guys.

You helped him save me, and I owe you for that.


I feel drained and emotional, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Also, I think Fizz is off her rocker. If that is Fizz. Maybe she's another alterna-universe person (like some people think Zero is) and they're both from the Insanity 'Verse. I dunno. I really don't.

(all i know is, she's on my list. yes, i have a list. redlight, morningstar, zerosage, fizz. there's a crowbar with your name on it if you get anywhere near us. also, amalgamationsage, congratulate whoever bloodied his nose for me. -daniel)

I should be yelling at him for being so paranoid, but know...his protectiveness is kind of comforting. He's like my brother, kind of. But without a gun. Or marine training. But he has mind powers, so that evens things out.

Anyway, I should go. I think another nap is in order. And a mountain of chocolate.

Stay safe, you guys. And thanks again. :)

Let this candle burn 'till you get home
Never forget your face, never lose hope


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it was a long night

a very long night.

as far as i could tell, the way the illusion worked was that we both had these blocks in our mind. mine kept me from seeing alora, and hers kept her from seeing...well, anything. i had to get into her mind and break the block. that was really hard because...well, she was so scared, and i think she thought i was him. i couldn't reach her while she was in that state. that's why i put the laptop in front of her and asked you to leave all those posts. she read all of them, and once she realized that it wasn't real, she calmed down enough that i could start clearing away the block.

hers was so much worse than mine. that's why it took so long. i swear, it fought back. i was literally at war inside her mind.

i don't think slender expected me to be so stubborn. it took some doing but i broke through at about 11:20 this morning.

poor alora...she just started bawling. i can only imagine...twisting her worst fear like that...

anyway, i convinced her to skip class (it's a testament to how stupid she can be that she was actually worried about class attendance!) and get some sleep.

does anyone know how much blood you can lose through your nose? because i'm pretty sure i broke the record. i think i'm going to need a new shirt after this...

fun fact: apparently my powers can have the occasional side effects of migraine-class headaches and apocalyptic nosebleeds. i'm fine, though. just tired.

but enough about me.

she might post later, but i don't know. she's going to need some time.

anyway, just wanted to let you know what happened and thank you all. if you haven't let those posts, i wouldn't have been able to get her out, or she'd still be stuck in there. so...thank you. thank you so much.

and morningstar, i hope someone caves in your head with a crowbar.


i got her back

she's back now.

thank you...thank you all so much for your help.

i need to keep this short because my head feels awful and i'm getting blood on the keyboard, but i just wanted to let you all know she's okay. okay-ish. she's terrified, but i'm going to make sure she's okay. don't worry.

again...thank you all so much. if you hadn't calmed her down...i couldn't have done it without you.

i'll post again later.



i broke through. my construct, not hers. there was something in my mind between me and her, but once i knew it was there i could push back. break it.

i have a massive nosebleed and my head hurts like hell, but i can see her.

she's just...sitting there in the corner. terrified. she can't see me. she doesn't know i'm there. every time i touch her, she screams. the only thing in the room she can interact with is the laptop, but far as i can tell, she can't see anything i post.

she keeps calling for me...for her brother...alora, i'm so sorry...

i'm going to try and reach her mind, see if i can break through whatever he put there, but...

i need you guys to do something for me.

all of you, leave a comment on her blog post. she can see your posts. let her know i'm here. i'm sitting right next to her. i'm trying to help and i'm not going to leave her. just let her know it's okay, and that she's going to get out of this. we're going to get her out.

we're going to get her out.

i'll let you know how it goes...
where is she?!


i just...hell...shit...

he just showed up in the room. right in front of me. my head felt like it was being split open and i closed my eyes for a second and then when i opened them he was gone was she.

i can't find her. she's not in the room, she's just gone.

i can't...

i said i would protect her.

i said i would keep her safe, i promised, i promised...

give her back.

give her back, give her back, you son of a bitch, GIVE HER BACK TO ME.

give her back...

alora...alora, i'm sorry. i'm so sorry...
Why are the lights out.

Why are the lights out why are the lights out WHY ARE THE LIGHTS OUT.

I can't...I can't see anything...

He...we were just sitting there, and suddenly he was there, he was in the room and then the lights went out and Daniel's gone, I don't know where he is, I can't find him. It's so dark...

There's something out there...

There's something out there.

Please...someone help me, please, please, please.

I can't breathe, there's someone watching me, it's too dark, I can't see, I can't see...I can't...I can't breathe...

Daniel where are you...?

...He's here.

No no no no nononononononononono...

Monday, March 28, 2011

steam of consciousness #1

for the record, i refuse to get a diary, but if i don't write this stuff down my head will explode. so here it goes.

the door remains locked at all times. safety measure. really the only one we've got, aside from the fact that there are other people in this building who would notice if anything weird happened. hopefully. they've been pretty oblivious to my presence.

alora's calming down now, but she takes her pepper spray everywhere, and this pocket knife her brother gave her. she keeps talking about taking self-defense courses sometime. really, it's the best thing she could do. won't do much good against him, but if zero or redlight or anyone else comes after us, she should be prepared.

i'm still going to kill zero if he gets near her.

i think the problem is that i never knew him. you all knew him. he was important to you. not to me. to me he's just a threat to someone important to me.

and no, it's not like that at all. i don't feel anything for her like that. she's...well, she saved my life. she's helped me in so many ways...i owe her so much. she's like my sister.

to be honest my heart still belongs to...

is that stupid?

more memories are coming back. filling in the blanks. she was a waitress at a diner. that's how we met. i wouldn't say it was love at first sight but...well, infatuation, at least on my part. i still have no idea what she thought of me at first.

we used to go to the park and sit on the swings. i always felt kind of stupid doing it, but she loved those swings.

does she still go there?

does she miss me at all?

i don't know.

i wish that i could just stop thinking about it, but whenever i'm alone, this is what my mind does. it wanders. goes back to all the places i don't want it to go.

i still don't remember how or why i ended up like this. not sure i want to. it would explain a lot, though.

modern pop music makes no sense. i only know this because i can't find anything else. forget slenderman, i think i'll go insane from hearing "like a g6" again first. what does that even mean?! (alora doesn't know either.)


alora needs the computer.

i'll see you guys around.


Friday, March 25, 2011

I Tried

For heaven's sake, I tried!

You don't think I didn't want him gone? You don't think I didn't try?

I did. I swear to God I did.

But I was scared! I was scared and confused and I'm still scared, right now I'm effing terrified.

Zero...f**k, man...

I'm sorry. I tried. I wanted...


it's daniel.

alora's just...well, read it for yourself.

all i have to say is this:

anyone who tries to hurt her dies.

i will not give a second warning. i will not hesitate. i will not show any mercy.

i have lost too many people already. i'm not loosing her.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


vivi and chester are back. on the blogs, not in the slender situation. alora made the profile private so they couldn't find this blog through her profile, and she's actually sworn to avoid the blog. just watch. make sure nothing happens to them.

...right. i'm going to have to start monitoring her blog usage, aren't i?

(Ex-cuse me, Dad. ~Alora)

but other than that it's been...quiet. almost too quiet. at least in the blogs we're following it is. i don't know about other places.

it's starting to bother me to be honest.

he's outside again.

let him stand out there. i'm not going to go crazy any time soon.

i hope nothing happens to chester and vivi...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He's Back

Slender's chilling outside the window.

Daniel was in a staring contest with him until I shut the window. He's fine, but he did tell me this:

i don't get anything from him. if i relax my mind, i can usually pick up emotions and vague thoughts from people without actually reading their thoughts. but i don't hear anything from him. he's just blank.

That's not totally creepy or anything. x.x

I still don't know what he's trying to do, unless he likes the taste of stress. I have quizzes, Slender-related emotional issues, and just generally mood swings (I love having two x chromosomes), and Daniel's still a little torn up over...well, you know. He's getting better, but I don't think he'll ever really be over it. I can't blame him.

I played this song for him. I don't know why, since it's such a sad song, but it always makes me feel better when I'm feeling down. Like someone's watching over me.

I think it made him a little less emo, but I'm not sure. He needs to stop wearing that damn mask so much. I like being able to see facial expressions.

well, excuse me for being self conscious about my massive facial scarring. -daniel

You'd think he'd know by now that I really don't care. Ah, well. I'll deal.

...Or steal it when he's asleep. >:3

Stay safe, you guys.


Monday, March 21, 2011

back at college

feeling much better now.

hi guys.

sorry about how i've been acting lately.

i was upset. actually upset is the wrong word. i'm pretty sure i discovered what slow, painful death feels like. i just...lost interest. in everything. nothing seemed worth it anymore.

fortunately i have a very stubborn friend who wouldn't stop talking to me, even if i wasn't saying anything back.

i think i finally snapped when she started crying. yes, i made alora cry. please don't beat me up. i still feel terrible about it.

this is basically what she said before the tears started:

"i don't know entirely what you're going through, man, but do you think you're the only one who feels alone? i know what it's like. i can't tell anyone about this, not my parents, not my brother, anyone. you're the only person who knows what this is like. you're the only person i can talk to. and what, you're just going to leave, too? [she starts tearing up here] jeff's gone, darby's gone, chester and vivi are gone, now you too? i can't loose anyone else, daniel, you can't just... [then the sobbing starts]"

honestly, i think alora's the most forgiving person on the planet, because she's not mad at me after all the crap i put her through. she's been so emotionally strained lately, and i just shut her out, not even thinking that it would effect her so much. i didn't even realize...

it hurts. it still hurts. but i'm going to have to move past that. for her.

thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. again, sorry about my behavior.

but none of this changes what will happen to redlight if he gets near me.


Sunday, March 20, 2011


1) The Chester and Vivi situation.

Hell. Bloody mothereffing HELL.

I didn't vote. I couldn't vote. I couldn't...I can't decide people's fates like that. I just...


It looks like they're just going to have their minds wiped of this Slender shit, which is in a way a good thing, but...Stella's going to be alone now and God only knows if H will keep his word, I know Daniel doesn't trust him because I told him about it and the second thing he said to me all day was "can't let him do that. no. can't. he'll just violate their minds like they did mine. he's a redlight wanna be, i know what that (those) bastard(s) are capable of." Granted, that might just be him being paranoid, but still I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do.

...And it turns out I don't have to know. It was decided as I was writing this. Vivi and Chester...they're not going to remember.

If H keeps his word, I'll actually be happy for them. They can walk away from all this now. Hopefully forever.

Stella...if you need anything, I'm here.

2) The Reach Revelation, as I'm calling it. Basically, all this stuff about Conduits and Renevants is all in our heads. None of it is actually real, just illusion.

I only half-agree. Some of it is probably fake. I can see that happening. Smoke and mirrors, stuff to keep us focusing on fighting each other and not on...I dunno, the Big Important Thing that's holding this entire effed-up situation in place. Whatever. But...I can't say that all of it is fake. Like Redlight. Even Daniel. I know, Reach would probably argue that he's just nuts but for the love of heaven and earth, he manipulated my parents. They aren't involved, they don't know. How could he have done that?

Honestly, my theory is that maybe there are some people who can do stuff like that and all the others are out of their minds. And to be honest, it makes me feel a hell of a lot safer about Minecraft Creeper. Maybe I'll get lucky, he'll just have delusions of grandeur, and I'll actually be able to fight back if I have to.

One can hope.

3) The Daniel situation. He's said exactly three (wait, four) things to me today. And the first one was telling me to leave him alone. The third was that he wasn't hungry. And the fourth: "they're gone now. if he did anything..."

He didn't finish the sentence. I'm not sure I wanted to know what he was thinking of saying.

He's gotten really scary lately. I know he'd never hurt me, but I don't trust him not to do something stupid.

And I saw his last post. And yelled at him about it. No response, of course. I'm reaching the end of my rope, here. I'm tired, scared, upset, frustrated, and there should just be a general word for what I'm feeling right now because I don't want to keep listing emotions.

F*ck this. I'm going to bed.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

dear dreamer

she didn't leave me alone last night. sat down in the closet and said she wasn't going away until i talked to her. fell asleep there. i had to carry her to her bed.

stupid alora. stupid, persistent, stubborn alora. god bless you, you don't know when to quit, do you?

it doesn't matter that you took the pictures away. i still have the memories. taunting me. running through my head and reminding me that i can never be that happy again. pointing out the gaping hole where they used to be. my family...friends...alice...

she would've liked you. you're both so stubborn. never took "no" for an answer.

i miss her. i miss her so much.

alora, i know you want to help, but i don't want your help right now. i don't want to talk. you shouldn't have to worry about me. you still have your family. you're leaving soon. spend time with them. they're what's important. not me.

to everyone else...thank you for your concern, but...

i don't want to talk about it right now.

Friday, March 18, 2011


It's what D's been doing since the Pictures Incident.

He doesn't want to talk, he doesn't want to do anything but stare at the photos. I considered taking them away and forcing him to talk to me, but that seemed harsh.

To be honest, I'm worried about him.

It's almost like...

You know how the Tenth Doctor would sometimes have these moments where he would do or say something that implied he didn't care if he lived or died anymore? That's what it's like. He's not actively doing anything off (aside from being so quiet) but I can't escape the feeling that Slender could crash in through the windows ready to kill us all and he wouldn't care.

That scares me. It really does.

I just wish I knew what to say to him, but I don't.

Stay safe you guys.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Photos

Ever been torn between slapping someone and giving them a hug? Because that's how I feel right now. I mean, what Daniel did last night WAS incredibly stupid, dangerous, and illegal (although we haven't been caught so I'm willing to overlook that last one), but at the same time...

Well, you know.

Anyway, the pictures. I have no idea how Redlight got them, but like I said comments for the last post, they're all of Daniel. Or at least, he's in all of them. Here's the basics:

Pictures 1-4: Just pictures of Daniel. Nothing particularly special, aside from the fact that his face isn't scarred in them. It's kind of weird, like seeing pictures of your parents when they were your age.

Picture 5: Daniel in a police uniform. Again, no scars. If this were any other situation, I would tell Daniel that he looks damn good in uniform, but this is not the time for jests (even if it is a) true and b) all in good fun).

Picture 6-7: Pictures of D and a bunch of people. Don't know who any of them are. My guess is he doesn't know either. Probably casual acquaintances or co-workers.

Pictures 8-9: Pictures of Daniel and his parents. These are actually kind of sad, because...well, he looks so happy in them. And he doesn't even know where they are. They don't know where he is. For all we know, they think he's dead.

...Depressing thought of the day. :(

Picture 10: This one took me a few seconds, but I realized it was of Daniel as a little kid. There's another boy sitting next to him. I'm assuming this is his brother. I guess his fragmented memories of his past were a little off; he did have a sibling, said sibling was just...well...

The back of the picture says "Three days before Lucas Smith went missing". The boys in this picture look like they're five.

...Second depressing thought of the day.

Pictures 11-15: Daniel and the mysterious person known only as Alice. Who is so obviously his girlfriend. Hell, they are kissing in one picture. I was sorely tempted to tease him about that. Then I looked over and saw he still looked like a kicked puppy. So I kept my mouth shut.

There was only one other thing in the packet that wasn't a picture. It was a library card with his face and name on it. Form of ID I guess.

Oh, and I saw Andrew's comment. The sweater itself can't be Daniel's, it's too small. More like average-person sized, not six-three sized. But maybe whoever hurt him was wearing it, so it could still be meant as a trigger. Daniel hasn't really reacted to it, though. He's just sort of stared blankly at it. Guess the other revelations about his past were all he could handle.

Hang on a second...

there was something else in the pocket.

when i looked again there was...

do you know what a claddagh ring is?

look it up if you don't.

her family is irish. i figured she'd...

i can't go back.

i can't go back for the same reason alora can't tell her brother what's going on. the minute i go back, all of them--my mom, my dad, alice--they're all dead. all of them. he'll come after them too. i can't do that to them.

i remember my family...and alice, dearest alice...but i can never see them again.

if that's what you wanted, redlight, then it worked. you win.

but there's one mistake you made. i remembered i was a police officer. so i know how to use a gun.

if i ever see you, i'll kill you.

...I should go talk to him.


i did a thing

a highly illegal, dangerous, and stupid thing.

i answering andrew's comment on the last post when i realized something. i hadn't had a very good look at the sweater, but i did have a good look at the notes. they had the same handwriting. which meant that there was a chance the proxy might know the code.

so i...sort of broke into his house.

alora told me about him already, so i knew where he lived. sneaking out of her house wasn't that hard (her family was watching a movie). the proxy was already sitting across the street, watching her window. i got past him okay. it was dark. it was easy to convince his mind that i wasn't there. at first i thought this was going to be a breeze, especially when i realized that his parents left the back windows open a bit. just pop off the screen and i'm in. i thought they were either trusting or stupid.

turns out it was neither, and they just have a really, really big dog.

good news: my mind powers work on dogs like they do on people, and he didn't alert the neighborhood.

bad news: i have slobber all over my mask.

anyway, i managed to find the proxy's room; it was the only one that was locked. but they left the key/pick thing on the door ledge, so it was pretty easy to get in. the room was surprisingly neat. i wasn't sure what i suspected. disorder, maybe. but that doesn't matter. what matters is that i was right. there was a clue in his room. five different cryptography books. the first four were just normal old code breaking books, but the fifth...

it was...full of ramblings and jumbles of code and operator symbols. and one page with the word veritas written in every blank space.

veritas. the same word as on the package.

i'd found the code.

it's a kind of replacement code. the first letters of the alphabet correspond to the key word (so if the word was "home", a=h, b=o, c=m, d=e). Then the rest of the letters respond to the remaining letters of the alphabet. when you decode the message, you run the letters together, then split them back up into words. Some letters are left over. those are just to make five-letter groupings. i tried using "veritas" as a key word and...well, it worked.

i decoded the message. it is:

hello daniel (hklo).

nice to see you're still alive (f).

have you told her you're a monster (opl)?

oh wait that's right (klnm). you don't remember.

but you will.

this will give you a hand.

left pocket.

try not to have another freak out (tyu). it's not very dignified (a).

your friend redlight (bn).


i have three things to say to this.

one. redlight is no friend of mine.

two. i'm not a monster. i'm not i'm not i'm not. i am not a monster. he's lying.

three. there is something in the sweater's left pocket. a packet, like the kind you hold photos in.

i haven't opened it.

alora doesn't know. i haven't told her yet. she actually fell asleep before midnight. her brother had to carry her up. she's been so tired lately.

i'm scared.

i don't know...i don't know what to do.

i think...

i'm going to open the packet.


daniel smith.

daniel j. smith.

26 years old.

daniel smith daniel smith daniel j. smith age 26 mother father daniel smith police officer homicide brother dead had a brother murdered as a child that's why police officer alice alice alice she's real she's real loved her daniel j. smith loved her i loved her daniel j. smith is my name i was in love i am in love alice alice alice alice alice



daddy, mommy, my head my head my head make it stop make it stop no more can't take more stop stop stop stop STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP WHAT DID YOU DO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THOSE PEOPLE WHY WHY DID YOU KILL THEM THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING SHE WAS SIX YEARS OLD SHE WAS SIX YEARS OLD NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!



i'm sorry

i'm so sorry

i want to go home

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are You Effing Me.

Freaking out here.

My 'rents are out, thank God, because this is the last thing I want them seeing.

There was a package on our doorstep. Just a taped-up box with my name where the sending address should be and "VERITAS" where the return address should be.

Inside were two notes and something in wrapping paper. The first note was addressed to me. This is all it said:

hello Alora

remember --?

the Master has other things to do so H- wants -- to watch y--.

sorry - can't get the words right. mind addled. yuo know what i-'s like.

-. m-. hmi. hrr.

trying. can't.


be seeing uoy.

...Confession time.

Remember that runner who was across the street from me? And remember how Daniel tweeted that he thought Slender was outside?

He wasn't. The runner was.

Just standing there, all night.

I think...


Not going to think about that right now.

Anyway, the second note was addressed to Daniel. And this is where I get annoyed, because here's what it says:










What part of "I am terrible with codes" do these [CENSORED] proxies not understand?!?!?

Unfortunately, that's the least of my worries. After staring at the Mysterious Object in Wrapping Paper for five minutes, me and Daniel decided to open it.

It was a red sweater. Dirty. Smelled like cigarette smoke.

I screamed and threw it across the room.

Again. So glad my parents aren't home yet.

Anyway, the sweater and both notes have been shoved under my bed until I figure out what to do with them. I am not amused. At all. Is this some kind of a joke? Do they find this funny? Because it's not. It's really not funny. I...

Oh, dangit, my parents are home. I'll blog more later.

Wait, is that...


No way.

No. Way.

it's daniel.

don't worry. that last sentence was nothing bad. we're both fine.

her brother is home.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Why am I so dense?

Kim really thinks that there's some kind of a hidden message in the note she received, but I can't see it. I've been staring at it for fifteen minutes and I got nothing.

See if you guys can make heads or tails of this, because I don't even know what I'm looking at.

"Gurgles from the groaning innards, false life,
living in total fear of the -Gentleman-,
living under -HIS- shadow, for - are unworthy
An eerie glow, a glimpse of fog, a cold night, feeling
Vacuum, breathless, surrounding, icy, death itself surrounds,
Theres a - out there waiting for -, little ant
In pain by - hand
Slick sly slippery organs guts and tears,
We see yor- death
Tick sh tock watch the clock
That damned poor sick fool.

- Regards, The Church"


Friday, March 11, 2011


it's daniel.

operation: spring break was successful. i'm writing this in alora's room. it's pinker than i thought it'd be.

that was one of the most terrifying car rides i have ever been on. i spent every second thinking that i would be spotted, that her father (a pretty imposing-looking man, let me tell you) would spot me and it would be over. but he didn't, and we made it there just fine.

thank god. i really thought it wasn't going to work a few times.

alora's still not feeling that great. i mean, she's feeling a lot better now that we're at her house and the plan worked, but she's still worried about chester and scott and jean. especially scott. he just...well, she's worried.

no idea if he will show up tonight. i hope not.

anyway, just wanted to let you know that the plan worked and we're both okay. alora less so than i, but i think being around her family will cheer her up. we both need a break...

side note: alora has this whole hidey-hole set up in her (rather large) closet. books and pillows and everything. that's where i'm staying. bit of a tight fit, but it's kind of cool. and it's better than sleeping under her bed...doing that would just be wrong on so many levels, even if i'm not some creepy pedophile or anything.

hope you guys are doing okay.


Operation: Spring Break happening this afternoon.

I'm worried about Scott.

...I don't feel that great.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

operation: spring break

daniel again.

i'm mostly used to the fact that i apparently have super-special mind powers...okay, that was a lie. i'm still not used to it. in fact, i'm completely freaked out by it.

the good news, though, is that alora came up with a plan to use the powers to sneak me to her place. she's calling it operation: spring break.

supplies needed:
-my powers
-alora's parent(s)
-a distraction (alora)
-hoodie sweater

basic plan:
since yesterday i've mostly worked out how i was able to keep creeper from noticing me. it's hard to explain...alora says its "like those psychic field keys from doctor who", but i have no idea what she's talking about (hell, the episode with the giant wasp only marginally made sense to me, forget "psychic field keys"). but i have to stay focused on projecting the thought, otherwise the thought will slip they'll know i'm there. basically, alora is going to semi-distract her parent(s) (depending on if one or both come to pick her up, this could get sticky but not impossible) while i sneak in the car and hide in the back. then it's just a matter of psychically hiding myself whenever they're nearby and keeping my head down until we get there.

i'm a little nervous, but it's either this or i stay here alone, which would be much worse. and if you're wondering why i don't just "convince" alora's parents to take me...that's pushing it. i'm not going to invade their minds like that. it's wrong. but it was different with creeper. he...

he really would have killed her if i hadn't stopped him. when i saw his mind,'s like his thoughts are infected with something. with him.

ugh, it makes me sick just thinking about it.

and if you're wondering what the hoodie is for, obviously i can't convince everyone in the area that i'm not there, so that's for hiding my face. i have no idea where alora got it, but it fits and that's what counts.

i hope this works.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holy Crap

Holy crap.


You guys are not going to BELIEVE what happened to me.

So, here I am, pacing around my room, worrying myself sick about Jean, when someone knocks on the door. I figure it's just someone selling something, so I open the door just enough to see who it is. I think I would have preferred it if it WAS someone selling something, but nope. It was freaking MINECRAFT CREEPER.

I am normally not a violent person, but I wanted to punch him in the face. Hard.

Then he makes it worse by forcing his way into my room (where's the RA when you need her?!). First thing to come to my mind is Daniel; he's hunched in the corner so no one standing in the door could see him. But Creeper was in the room. All he had to do was turn around and bang. We're caught.

But here's the thing. First thing Creeper did was scan the entire room. His gaze passed right over Daniel. Then the first thing to come out of his mouth was, "All right, where is he?"

Of course, I'm thinking, "...Are you blind?" but I figured "Gift horse. Mouth. Do not look" and went along with it.

Me: I don't know what you're talking about.

Creeper: Do not be stupid. I know everything about the little worm. You posted it all on that stupid blog of yours. Now where is he?

Me: Look, get the hell out of my room before I cave in your balls again.

Creeper: Do not even think about. You surprised me that time.

Me: Yeah, yeah, you just say that to make yourself feel better. [At this point I see Daniel start to make his way towards the door. I'm trying my hardest not to act like he's there.] What are you trying to accomplish, anyway? We're in a public area. I could start screaming and someone would notice something's going on.

Creeper: I think you underestimate your fellow man. Now tell me where he is, or else I will...[He suddenly stops mid-sentence and turns around. Daniel's frozen in place, just about to make a run for the door. I start swearing mentally.] What...? How...?

And this is the point where things got dangerous. And weird. So I'm standing there, trying to think of what to do when Creeper grabs me. I go into panic mode, but vaguely remember hearing him say, "Now, then, you are going to come with me. If you do not, I snap her neck. You know I can do it, so do not try..." Then he just stops. There's this period of total, utter silence and then he lets me go. I get out of arm's reach, and when I see his face, he has this...look. His eyes are huge, his mouth is kinda slack, and you'd think that he either saw the gateway to heaven or the most horrifying thing he'd ever seen in his life.

But it was just Daniel. Granted, Daniel was glaring, which I have never seen him do before, but it was just Daniel. Creeper tries to speak, stops, then he just walks out. His facial expression never changes, he never says anything else. He even closes the door behind him. He was polite. There was a stretch where neither me nor Daniel said anything, then...

Me: What. What the hell was that? Daniel, what did you do?

Daniel: i told him to leave. and he did it. [Please note he looks severely freaked out as he writes this.]

Me: Daniel, you didn't say anything.

Daniel: i know, it was like...when i looked at him, i thought it...and he heard me.

Me: ...

Daniel: alora, i could hear his thoughts. he was really going to kill you if i didn't...did i just make him leave by thinking?!

Me: What.

Daniel: *blank stare of WTF*


So yeah, nothing really special, except for the fact that, DANIEL IS A BLEEPING CONDUIT WITH BLEEPING MIND POWERS. What. What. What.

I...I need to lie down now.

And yes, he is just as freaked out by all of his as I am.

What. Just...what.


P.S. Please report here and here. Jean's gone missing and we have to get her back, fast. (Seriously, today has just been effed up.)


Jean's gone missing.

Kim is freaking out and right now I'm talking to her via comments and trying to help her out. I'm not sure how long I can keep her (reasonably) calm.

Kim doesn't know what happened; she fell asleep, woke up, and then Jean was gone. The only clue we have is a note left in the room that says this:

"Gurgles from the groaning innards, false life,
living in total fear of the -Gentleman-,
living under -HIS- shadow, for - are unworthy
An eerie glow, a glimpse of fog, a cold night, feeling
Vacuum, breathless, surrounding, icy, death itself surrounds,
Theres a - out there waiting for -, little ant
In pain by - hand
Slick sly slippery organs guts and tears,
We see yor- death
Tick sh tock watch the clock
That damned poor sick fool.

-Regards, The Church."

I asked Reach and Andrew who the Church might be. No response from Reach yet, but Andrew answered back with this information:

"...the closest I've heard to a group calling 'themselves' The Church is the insane ramblings of my old boss. James was very into religious motifs (hence the term Heretic) and like to use terms like that. [...] It's likely a collection of Touched Servants suffering the delusion of His origin as that of a God, if they're calling themselves The Church. Religious associations are a common symptom of His corruption, though..."

So current running theory is that a bunch of Hallowed ran off with Jean. Which is really, really bad. Kim is in no state to help herself or do anything about it, and I think she's really scared. We've got to get Jean back, for her sake and Kim's. Anyone have any theories? Heard from Jean? Anything? I'm going to try and keep Kim from having a freak-out until we find her...

Stay safe.


P.S. ...I'm a little worried about Kim too. You guys saw what happened when her and Jean went back to her house. I just...I don't want to believe she'd do anything but...well...


P.P.S. Kim says she thinks there's a clue in the note, but it's so disjointed I can't tell. Any thoughts?

Monday, March 7, 2011


I know this is going to be a sore point for some people, but I have to ask...

What happened to the other people mindwiped by Redlight?

I know it happened to Nella, and Robert I believe, and I know that this is a sensitive topic for a lot of people...but if I'm right about Daniel being 'wiped by Redlight, then I want to know what to expect. They did get their memory back, right? If so, how? And when?

Thanks, guys.



I'm worried about spring break.

I know that might sound weird, but I am. Mostly because I have no idea what I'm going to do with Daniel. I mean, on the one hand, I could just leave him in my room. There's enough food that he'd be fine for the week (mostly ramen, but it's still food), and I could leave him my Gameboy, books, and control of the TV so he doesn't go nuts. It's Slender I'm worried about. I don't know if he'll go after me, Daniel, or both (if my theory about multiple Slenders is right). I can't leave him alone if that happens. We're getting along okay (not sleeping at night, but getting along okay), but if we get separated...I dunno. I'm just worried, is all.

But I don't see anything I can do about it. I mean, it's not like I can just be all "Hey, mom, can we give my weird friend with the mask and the facial scars a ride?" or "He followed me home, can I keep him?" No, thank you. I do NOT want to see how those situations end.

Argh. When did my life get so complicated? >.<

Stay safe.


Sunday, March 6, 2011


To start: Cheska is back, but she said...

Jeff's gone.


I feel like...well, I'm sad, but at the same time...I dunno. I feel like at least he went down fighting. He died defending Cheska. Somehow, I feel like it would be a lot worse if he was just murdered in his bed, you know? At least this way he faced death on his terms and went down kicking and screaming.

Rest in peace, Jeff. We all loved you. And we'll look after Cheska for you. Don't worry.

Other news:

Tenebria is apparently de-proxified and getting used to life as a normal human being. And undergoing a bit of an identity crisis, from what I've heard.

i can relate. -daniel

Somehow I feel like those two should start a support group. People With Slender-Related Identity Loss. I'll supply the tissues.

So now we have two people who need our support. Cheska...well, Cheska should be obvious. She's going after revenge, and we need to help her while making sure she doesn't die. And I know Tenebria hurt Vivi and was sort of a bitch, but...well, she's going through some hard times. And we need to help people like her whenever we can. It's just the right thing to do.

Stay safe.


Saturday, March 5, 2011


Guess what? We're both alive. There's just been NOTHING happening on our end of things. Well, nothing new. Slender still watches us every night and Minecraft Creeper is still a creeper. I've been busy fretting over the Vivi situation (now resolved, thank God), and other issues around the blogosphere. Scott's been having some rough times. All of you need to be super-nice to him now. And I recovered from my emo moment I had last month. That was a bad day. x.x

Daniel hasn't remembered anything new, but we have determined that he has NO sense of taste. Example: a few days ago, he at half a bag of Sour Warheads. On his own. In one sitting. I'm pretty sure his mouth was bleeding, and he couldn't taste stuff for a while.

it was totally worth it, though! -daniel

You can't see it, but I'm shaking my head in tired bemusement.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we're still okay. I fell behind on the timeline, though. Gotta fix that...

Stay safe.


P.S. New theme for the Experiment.