Tuesday, March 29, 2011


i broke through. my construct, not hers. there was something in my mind between me and her, but once i knew it was there i could push back. break it.

i have a massive nosebleed and my head hurts like hell, but i can see her.

she's just...sitting there in the corner. terrified. she can't see me. she doesn't know i'm there. every time i touch her, she screams. the only thing in the room she can interact with is the laptop, but far as i can tell, she can't see anything i post.

she keeps calling for me...for her brother...alora, i'm so sorry...

i'm going to try and reach her mind, see if i can break through whatever he put there, but...

i need you guys to do something for me.

all of you, leave a comment on her blog post. she can see your posts. let her know i'm here. i'm sitting right next to her. i'm trying to help and i'm not going to leave her. just let her know it's okay, and that she's going to get out of this. we're going to get her out.

we're going to get her out.

i'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Quisling, i am warning you: FUCK OFF THIS ONE.

    Daniel, understood. we'll get her back.