Friday, March 25, 2011

I Tried

For heaven's sake, I tried!

You don't think I didn't want him gone? You don't think I didn't try?

I did. I swear to God I did.

But I was scared! I was scared and confused and I'm still scared, right now I'm effing terrified.

Zero...f**k, man...

I'm sorry. I tried. I wanted...


it's daniel.

alora's just...well, read it for yourself.

all i have to say is this:

anyone who tries to hurt her dies.

i will not give a second warning. i will not hesitate. i will not show any mercy.

i have lost too many people already. i'm not loosing her.


  1. -hugs Alora tight- we all tried, sweetie. it's just... Zero is angry and lost and deeply, deeply hurt. you can't take this at face value, not really.

  2. I...I wish I could believe that, but...

    I don't know. I'm really scared right now.

    Zero...Zero wasn't like this.

    What happened to him?


    (i would just like to let the record show that i do not give a shit. at all. i take things like that very much at face value.

    no offense, hakurei. you might be right. i don't know. i never knew zero. all i know is that i'm not going to let some crazy man with delusions of grandeur touch her. no matter who he was before or how he feels. -daniel)

  3. No, Ryuu is right. Zero's extremely pissed off. We can't reason with him. Who we CAN reason with is Remnant, seeing as they're the same person at different times. Remnant doesn't go Knight Templar on anyone.

    The solstice changed him. There were a few losing Amelia. I can't know if he'll ever be the same, but...

  4. The stress of the moment broke him, I think. Think about it, everyone relied on him for everything, they looked up to him like he was a hero and went to him for support. All those people who trusted him. He probably hoped they would pay back the favor by trusting him, by doing Solstice thing as planned.

    Just think about what that can do to a person.

    But don't blame yourself Alora, I don't know what happened to Zero myself, but perhaps once someone gives proof that they want that thing dead he may snap out of it. Or something similar.

    Personally, I agree with Frap. And if we can reason with Remnant, maybe we can get to Zero through him.

    Maybe...just maybe.

    Alora, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. :[

  5. I didn't say we can't reason with Zero, I think we absolutely can. It just requires a hell of a lot more delicacy than most people seem capable of showing! Christ, people, I read through the comments on his page and I wanna smack someone! YELLING. DOES. NOT. HELP.

  6. @ Hakurei: I don't think we can talk him down. And honestly, I don't care anymore. I'm going to close my ears and block it out.

    Alora, I'd suggest upping your security measures. We don't want anything to happen to you, you don't deserve it... daniel, keep her safe. Please.

  7. i plan to, don't worry. although we're at a loss as to how one ups security measures in a dorm. aside from keeping the door locked all the time, i mean...and cataloging where all the sharp objects are in the room...but that's all i've got. suggestions?

  8. You can buy locks-- deadbolt locks-- from security usually. You can also request more patrols in your area if you think you might be in danger. Keep a crowbar by your bed, and report ALL suspicious behaviour. Tell your administration you have a stalker, and that you're worried. That's all I can think of right now...

  9. Campus PD has already been alerted to the fact that Minecraft Creeper is living up to his name, so there's always that. And the crowbar thing is a good idea...must find the nearest hardware store...