Tuesday, March 29, 2011

where is she?!


i just...hell...shit...

he just showed up in the room. right in front of me. my head felt like it was being split open and i closed my eyes for a second and then when i opened them he was gone was she.

i can't find her. she's not in the room, she's just gone.

i can't...

i said i would protect her.

i said i would keep her safe, i promised, i promised...

give her back.

give her back, give her back, you son of a bitch, GIVE HER BACK TO ME.

give her back...

alora...alora, i'm sorry. i'm so sorry...


  1. shit.... okay, look, it's entirely possible that you're both labrynth'd. SHE definitely is, at any rate. if you're BOTH labrynth'd, anything you hit could potentially be her, so until you know for certain, don't do anything reckless.

    i... really can't say much more than that. i'm so sorry, Daniel.

  2. not hitting anything. just standing here. USELESS.

    couldn't chester see vivi when she was labrynth'd? i can't see her. and i tested to make sure i wasn't in one. the door opens fine, i ran up and down two flights of stairs with no looping, even took the elevator...i'm in the real world, she's just NOT HERE. you think he took her?

  3. Morningstar, shut the fuck up.

    From Vivi and Chester's experience, you a) cannot move outside your labyrinth, and b) labyrinths are always corrupted somehow. Decaying.

    it's possible that Alora has been taken somewhere. Find Minecraft Creeper if you can, see if you can get some answers out of him.

    Good luck.


  4. i don't know where he is. i don't know if he even lives on-campus. he just...shows up and leaves.

    i can try, but i...i can't escape the feeling that she's...she's here, i just can't find her. she's here, i know she's here, i can feel her, she's terrified, where is she?!

  5. Wow.

    You really are stupid.

    Look back an hour. Your little girlfriend is hilarious when she is afraid.

    Or are you too stupid to see it, Conduit?

    -Your Friend

  6. ...what? what the...

    i don't see...

    is there a blog post from about an hour ago, guys? the last post i can see is that thing i wrote this afternoon...

  7. You cannot see it?! You really cannot see it?!

    You are so BLIND, Conduit. Morningstar is right. Some protector you are.

    -Your Friend

  8. Hopefully you can see this- I copy/pasted her post. The timestamp was 12:17.

    "Why are the lights out.

    Why are the lights out why are the lights out WHY ARE THE LIGHTS OUT.

    I can't...I can't see anything...

    He...we were just sitting there, and suddenly he was there, he was in the room and then the lights went out and Daniel's gone, I don't know where he is, I can't find him. It's so dark...

    There's something out there...

    There's something out there.

    Please...someone help me, please, please, please.

    I can't breathe, there's someone watching me, it's too dark, I can't see, I can't see...I can't...I can't breathe...

    Daniel where are you...?

    ...He's here.

    No no no no nononononononononono..."

    Daniel, this is not your fault. You'll find her. It's going to be okay.

  9. Alora made a post about fifteen minutes before you did. Talking about somebody turning off the lights.


  10. no...

    oh hell, no...

    hell, she's...she's terrified of the dark... if she could use the laptop, she's still in the room...she wouldn't move, not if she was that scared. i just...can't see her.

    okay...okay she's in the room. okay. and...this is a mental construct for both of us...

    all in the mind.

    i'm not sure if this is going to work, but...

    alora, i'm coming. just hold on.

  11. God, Daniel, be careful and please, please get her back.