Friday, March 18, 2011


It's what D's been doing since the Pictures Incident.

He doesn't want to talk, he doesn't want to do anything but stare at the photos. I considered taking them away and forcing him to talk to me, but that seemed harsh.

To be honest, I'm worried about him.

It's almost like...

You know how the Tenth Doctor would sometimes have these moments where he would do or say something that implied he didn't care if he lived or died anymore? That's what it's like. He's not actively doing anything off (aside from being so quiet) but I can't escape the feeling that Slender could crash in through the windows ready to kill us all and he wouldn't care.

That scares me. It really does.

I just wish I knew what to say to him, but I don't.

Stay safe you guys.



  1. if it were me, i think i might force him to talk to me. i know it's harsh, but brooding is BAD for people, worse than they realize. he needs to snap out of it, and soon.

  2. I tried. I really did. I even took the pictures/ring away and told him I wasn't going to leave until he talked to me. Then my brother started harassing me and I had to leave. x.x

    I love my brother, but he has the worst effing timing.

    Going to try staring him down until he talks to me again. See if that works...