Monday, March 7, 2011


I know this is going to be a sore point for some people, but I have to ask...

What happened to the other people mindwiped by Redlight?

I know it happened to Nella, and Robert I believe, and I know that this is a sensitive topic for a lot of people...but if I'm right about Daniel being 'wiped by Redlight, then I want to know what to expect. They did get their memory back, right? If so, how? And when?

Thanks, guys.



  1. I got here too late to hear Nessa's story, and Robert was never exactly clear on how he got his memory back. As I understand it, both of them regained memories via trauma.

    The thing of it is though... With Nessa and Robert, those two didn't have their identities completely erased, mentally and physically. They were left with jobs, identities, and lives, just slightly altered. About the only thing that wasn't done to Daniel to utterly erase him was get his teeth broken (speaking of which, is there some way you could check for dental records?), and that just doesn't seem like Redlight's style.

    I dunno, this is just me thinking out loud.

  2. Not necessarily. Nessa's mind was completely wiped...

    "Damage was a little worse than I thought sadly.
    Should have given her to me earlier.

    Nessa will be waking up in a women's shelter.
    New wallet, new ID, no memory save for a nasty trauma due to car crash, and the recollection of a very abusive boyfriend."

    I think what happened to Robert was that he accidentally ran into Slender Man again, which caused him to remember what happened. At least, I think that's what happened.

  3. "what happened"

    hooray for the Redundancy Department of Redundancy!

  4. right. Nessa remembered SOMETHING, even if it was incorrect and vague. and she was still physically intact. so was Robert. who was Daniel if someone went to all this trouble to erase him... but not kill him?

  5. I don't know if read Scared, but they found The Bone from Dreams in Darkness. You should read it might give you some answers as to the why if the whole Daniel is Damien theory is correct.

  6. @Hakurei: "speaking of which, is there some way you could check for dental records?" I wish. If I knew how, I would. Or if I knew someone who could just search for people who went missing three months ago with the name "Daniel". I know that's vague, but it's SOMEthing. (Why don't I know any FBI agents? That would be so helpful...)

    "who was Daniel if someone went to all this trouble to erase him... but not kill him?" Trust me, that's the Million Dollar Question right now. And the reason I am sure as hell NOT leaving him alone any time soon. Hell, I'm hesitant leaving for CLASS because I'm worried whatever he did will cause Slender to flip the hell out and hurt him more...

    @Will: We really don't think that he's Damien, but if that bone thing really does all that, then that's pretty fantastic. I just hope it works...

  7. Disable and hide, that's the kind of thing you would do to a weapon, something useful to whoever controls it. Daniel may be more important than we know.

  8. @Zed: ...I'll admit, that crossed my mind once or twice. You know, "Maybe he's a conduit like Tenebria, and Slender doesn't want him working for our side." Still doesn't explain a lot, but it would why they went to all this trouble to break him...

  9. The Memory modifications Redlight performs are more or less "to order", provided your order specifies the person forgets everything about Him.

    Back in the day, all Jay could do was induce the memory loss, but association with Him allows some rather creative manipulation of thought prior to and after the injection.

    But you don't get the memories back unless you happen to run into Him again, and even then it's not a sure thing, what with all that damage to your memory centers. It happened to Robert because his blog lead him to everybody else's, and it happened to Nessa because Redlight's playing the villain as part of his (their?) game and wanted it to happen.

    Provided it's Redlight-induced memory loss, then it will probably come back in time. None of the work he's done has stuck. If it's not Redlight-induced, then the time period suggests there's little chance of getting the memories back without a significant environmental trigger.

  10. @Andrew: Okay. Thanks for the info. :)