Thursday, November 10, 2011

respite, mark ii

still running. still alive.

i wasn't sure what to do when Chimere took over. i left that comment when i saw what she had done to the blog, but...Chimere didn't take kindly to that.

i never told you, did i? what happened when Alora forgot.

He got to her. did something to her. when she came back, it was Chimere again. she told me that Alora wasn't safe while i was around. she attacked me. she threatened to hurt herself--hurt Alora--if i didn't leave. so i left. she must have snapped out of it once she knew that i was gone for good.

i had no intention of re-entering Alora's life. just watching from a distance, keeping her safe. making sure Chimere didn't come back. i'd failed.

He was focused less on me after i left that comment. probably thought that Chimere would finish me off. He was right. she tried to find me. i'm pretty good at hiding. but...damn she was pissed.

that's where...


i have to go.


Saturday, November 5, 2011


still running. stopped for a breather. don't know how long i can write, but i'll tell You as much as i can.

Alora did the stupid thing, actually went to see Lucien. i only know because i was watching Lucien. i thought he would try something. i had no idea...

i was too far away to hear what they were saying. all i know is that one second she was fine, then...he touched her head. once. she collapsed. i nearly ran out to help her, but she got back up after a second.

but it wasn't her. Chimere was back.

she's the one who left that post. she was an imposter. acted like Alora, spoke like her, fooled everyone.

i knew, but i couldn't do anything to stop her.

surprised Chimere didn't delete the blog and walk away from everything, but...i don't know.

i have to go.