Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Photos

Ever been torn between slapping someone and giving them a hug? Because that's how I feel right now. I mean, what Daniel did last night WAS incredibly stupid, dangerous, and illegal (although we haven't been caught so I'm willing to overlook that last one), but at the same time...

Well, you know.

Anyway, the pictures. I have no idea how Redlight got them, but like I said comments for the last post, they're all of Daniel. Or at least, he's in all of them. Here's the basics:

Pictures 1-4: Just pictures of Daniel. Nothing particularly special, aside from the fact that his face isn't scarred in them. It's kind of weird, like seeing pictures of your parents when they were your age.

Picture 5: Daniel in a police uniform. Again, no scars. If this were any other situation, I would tell Daniel that he looks damn good in uniform, but this is not the time for jests (even if it is a) true and b) all in good fun).

Picture 6-7: Pictures of D and a bunch of people. Don't know who any of them are. My guess is he doesn't know either. Probably casual acquaintances or co-workers.

Pictures 8-9: Pictures of Daniel and his parents. These are actually kind of sad, because...well, he looks so happy in them. And he doesn't even know where they are. They don't know where he is. For all we know, they think he's dead.

...Depressing thought of the day. :(

Picture 10: This one took me a few seconds, but I realized it was of Daniel as a little kid. There's another boy sitting next to him. I'm assuming this is his brother. I guess his fragmented memories of his past were a little off; he did have a sibling, said sibling was just...well...

The back of the picture says "Three days before Lucas Smith went missing". The boys in this picture look like they're five.

...Second depressing thought of the day.

Pictures 11-15: Daniel and the mysterious person known only as Alice. Who is so obviously his girlfriend. Hell, they are kissing in one picture. I was sorely tempted to tease him about that. Then I looked over and saw he still looked like a kicked puppy. So I kept my mouth shut.

There was only one other thing in the packet that wasn't a picture. It was a library card with his face and name on it. Form of ID I guess.

Oh, and I saw Andrew's comment. The sweater itself can't be Daniel's, it's too small. More like average-person sized, not six-three sized. But maybe whoever hurt him was wearing it, so it could still be meant as a trigger. Daniel hasn't really reacted to it, though. He's just sort of stared blankly at it. Guess the other revelations about his past were all he could handle.

Hang on a second...

there was something else in the pocket.

when i looked again there was...

do you know what a claddagh ring is?

look it up if you don't.

her family is irish. i figured she'd...

i can't go back.

i can't go back for the same reason alora can't tell her brother what's going on. the minute i go back, all of them--my mom, my dad, alice--they're all dead. all of them. he'll come after them too. i can't do that to them.

i remember my family...and alice, dearest alice...but i can never see them again.

if that's what you wanted, redlight, then it worked. you win.

but there's one mistake you made. i remembered i was a police officer. so i know how to use a gun.

if i ever see you, i'll kill you.

...I should go talk to him.



  1. Oh god. Poor Daniel. Daniel, it hurts, it does. But you have to stay stable. It helps Alora to have someone around embroiled in this mess who she can talk to and who isn't insane. You're... you're a good bloke, from what I can tell. Don't spend time on trying to get vengeance. It isn't worth it.

    Alora, just... thanks.

  2. Give him a hug or me, if you can, ok?

  3. @Jean: You're welcome. And Daniel is...a little less crazy than he was when he wrote that. I talked to him, and he's calmed down. I don't think he's going to actively go after Redlight. know..."get near me and I throw your ass out a window." I find that I am okay with this, which disturbs me immensely.

    But I'll keep an eye on him. He's been a good friend ever since he staggered into my dorm and promptly collapsed from exhaustion. My turn now.

    @Shelby: I will. He's been getting a lot of hugs today. He needs the emotional support. :(


  4. Drew's too embarassed to say it, but he feels like an idiot for kind of helping get you into this and is sorry. He's been pacing the room trying to explain how he was "only trying to help" for the past few minutes, which is actually probably the closet he's been to apologising to anybody in a while. I tried to explain how the photos were already in the jumper and you guys would have found them eventually, but he's too self-obsessed to get that.

    Anyway, he says he's sorry and also that trying to kill Redlight is useless, because there's either only one and you will fail, or lots and you'll just have to waste bullets pointlessly on easily replaceable people who didn't actually do it.

  5. Tell him not to be silly. Daniel would've figured it out anyway. He's sort of stubborn and persistent like that. And even if he hadn't figured out the note thing, you're right; we would've found them eventually.

    As for the Redlight killing...well, Daniel's calmed down, but at this point, he wouldn't care if you told him that. He'd just shrug it off. He hasn't thought the whole "revenge" thing through, I don't think. He's still just...angry. Brooding. Not nearly as bad yesterday, but he's barely said three words all day.

    ...I should try talking to him again.