Friday, March 11, 2011


it's daniel.

operation: spring break was successful. i'm writing this in alora's room. it's pinker than i thought it'd be.

that was one of the most terrifying car rides i have ever been on. i spent every second thinking that i would be spotted, that her father (a pretty imposing-looking man, let me tell you) would spot me and it would be over. but he didn't, and we made it there just fine.

thank god. i really thought it wasn't going to work a few times.

alora's still not feeling that great. i mean, she's feeling a lot better now that we're at her house and the plan worked, but she's still worried about chester and scott and jean. especially scott. he just...well, she's worried.

no idea if he will show up tonight. i hope not.

anyway, just wanted to let you know that the plan worked and we're both okay. alora less so than i, but i think being around her family will cheer her up. we both need a break...

side note: alora has this whole hidey-hole set up in her (rather large) closet. books and pillows and everything. that's where i'm staying. bit of a tight fit, but it's kind of cool. and it's better than sleeping under her bed...doing that would just be wrong on so many levels, even if i'm not some creepy pedophile or anything.

hope you guys are doing okay.


  1. I'm still alive. Please, if Alora isn't on, please tell her that.

  2. told her. she freaked out and stole the laptop from me. i'm sure you've seen the comment she left. nearly broke my eardrums screaming. it was kind of funny.

    good to see you're alive, scott.

  3. thanks. I'm glad to see Operation: Spring Break worked.