Sunday, March 6, 2011


To start: Cheska is back, but she said...

Jeff's gone.


I feel like...well, I'm sad, but at the same time...I dunno. I feel like at least he went down fighting. He died defending Cheska. Somehow, I feel like it would be a lot worse if he was just murdered in his bed, you know? At least this way he faced death on his terms and went down kicking and screaming.

Rest in peace, Jeff. We all loved you. And we'll look after Cheska for you. Don't worry.

Other news:

Tenebria is apparently de-proxified and getting used to life as a normal human being. And undergoing a bit of an identity crisis, from what I've heard.

i can relate. -daniel

Somehow I feel like those two should start a support group. People With Slender-Related Identity Loss. I'll supply the tissues.

So now we have two people who need our support. Cheska...well, Cheska should be obvious. She's going after revenge, and we need to help her while making sure she doesn't die. And I know Tenebria hurt Vivi and was sort of a bitch, but...well, she's going through some hard times. And we need to help people like her whenever we can. It's just the right thing to do.

Stay safe.



  1. -nod- agreed. i'm pissed, but... not to the level i was when "Run..." was first posted. well, i am, but i'm also sad, because... how many? how many more? i never even got to know Jeff, and then he was just... gone. right from under my nose.

    i mean... fuck, man. just... fuck.

  2. @Hakurei: Tell me about it. >.< It sucks. But we can't let ourselves fall apart just yet. I don't remember who, but someone pointed out that last time we lost a leader like Jeff or Zero, things sort of went to hell for a bit. We've got to stick together and work through this. United we stand. does suck. :(


  3. She's feeling better now. She's less of a rabid, raving bitch. She's very quiet and when she does talk she's very awkward, but she's getting better.


  4. Cheska, the Master wants a word with you... -Lily

  5. @Genevieve: That's good. Maybe her bitchiness was a proxy side-effect. Tell her I say "hi". ^^

    @Lily: One: Why are you trying to contact Cheska through MY blog?

    Two: Leave her the hell alone. Hear me? She has been through enough without you people harassing her. And this is for your own safety too. She is in revenge mode. She will kill your ass, split-personality or not. This is probably the only warning you're going to get, so I suggest you take it.