Thursday, March 10, 2011

operation: spring break

daniel again.

i'm mostly used to the fact that i apparently have super-special mind powers...okay, that was a lie. i'm still not used to it. in fact, i'm completely freaked out by it.

the good news, though, is that alora came up with a plan to use the powers to sneak me to her place. she's calling it operation: spring break.

supplies needed:
-my powers
-alora's parent(s)
-a distraction (alora)
-hoodie sweater

basic plan:
since yesterday i've mostly worked out how i was able to keep creeper from noticing me. it's hard to explain...alora says its "like those psychic field keys from doctor who", but i have no idea what she's talking about (hell, the episode with the giant wasp only marginally made sense to me, forget "psychic field keys"). but i have to stay focused on projecting the thought, otherwise the thought will slip they'll know i'm there. basically, alora is going to semi-distract her parent(s) (depending on if one or both come to pick her up, this could get sticky but not impossible) while i sneak in the car and hide in the back. then it's just a matter of psychically hiding myself whenever they're nearby and keeping my head down until we get there.

i'm a little nervous, but it's either this or i stay here alone, which would be much worse. and if you're wondering why i don't just "convince" alora's parents to take me...that's pushing it. i'm not going to invade their minds like that. it's wrong. but it was different with creeper. he...

he really would have killed her if i hadn't stopped him. when i saw his mind,'s like his thoughts are infected with something. with him.

ugh, it makes me sick just thinking about it.

and if you're wondering what the hoodie is for, obviously i can't convince everyone in the area that i'm not there, so that's for hiding my face. i have no idea where alora got it, but it fits and that's what counts.

i hope this works.


  1. geez, these hoodies are becoming like the black coats from Kingdom Hearts. everybody's got one, regardless of what side they're on. XD

    good luck you two. you're gonna need it.

  2. @Hakurei: Haha, I never thought of it that way. ^^ It's blue, though, not red. A red one would just be wrong.

    (yes, yes it would. -daniel)

    Thanks for the luck. *fingers crossed* Here's hoping this works.