Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Jean's gone missing.

Kim is freaking out and right now I'm talking to her via comments and trying to help her out. I'm not sure how long I can keep her (reasonably) calm.

Kim doesn't know what happened; she fell asleep, woke up, and then Jean was gone. The only clue we have is a note left in the room that says this:

"Gurgles from the groaning innards, false life,
living in total fear of the -Gentleman-,
living under -HIS- shadow, for - are unworthy
An eerie glow, a glimpse of fog, a cold night, feeling
Vacuum, breathless, surrounding, icy, death itself surrounds,
Theres a - out there waiting for -, little ant
In pain by - hand
Slick sly slippery organs guts and tears,
We see yor- death
Tick sh tock watch the clock
That damned poor sick fool.

-Regards, The Church."

I asked Reach and Andrew who the Church might be. No response from Reach yet, but Andrew answered back with this information:

"...the closest I've heard to a group calling 'themselves' The Church is the insane ramblings of my old boss. James was very into religious motifs (hence the term Heretic) and like to use terms like that. [...] It's likely a collection of Touched Servants suffering the delusion of His origin as that of a God, if they're calling themselves The Church. Religious associations are a common symptom of His corruption, though..."

So current running theory is that a bunch of Hallowed ran off with Jean. Which is really, really bad. Kim is in no state to help herself or do anything about it, and I think she's really scared. We've got to get Jean back, for her sake and Kim's. Anyone have any theories? Heard from Jean? Anything? I'm going to try and keep Kim from having a freak-out until we find her...

Stay safe.


P.S. ...I'm a little worried about Kim too. You guys saw what happened when her and Jean went back to her house. I just...I don't want to believe she'd do anything but...well...


P.P.S. Kim says she thinks there's a clue in the note, but it's so disjointed I can't tell. Any thoughts?


  1. Referances to shadows and clocks. Something to do with a bell tower perhaps? There are also referances to pain, organs, and sickness, a hospital mabey? Everything else in the note seems to be about Slender. Mabey a religously funded hospital with a bell tower.

    The "False Life" part really disturbs me though.

  2. Common theory is that "The Church" is a reference to the proxies who took her (apparently they refer to themselves as that sometimes), but you might be onto something with the hospital...


  3. I wouldn't call it a common theory. It's more just my best guess - and I wouldn't exactly call myself an expert. Cryptic poems and religious titles seem to be pretty standard fare for the Touched though, so I certainly wouldn't be surprised.

    I'd look for derelict or older churches or "mental health" facilities, which usually contain both chapels and hospitals, if we're running with those clues. It might be a two-faced operation running out of an actually operational church, if they're calling themselves that, or it might just be your standard bunch of half-there crazies living in an abandoned one.

    The problem is, of course, that "The Church" might not be a group of Servants and everything I've come up with will of course then be useless. It's just my best guess.

  4. There are actually two churches in the town...the problem is, Kim isn't in any state to help or go looking for ANYthing. Dammit...