Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Haven't Found Out Much

I mean, my circle of friends isn't that big, but they're very perceptive friends. And they DID say I was acting a little weird. They just thought it was because of the "stalker". And by "weird" they meant, "jumpy", "secretive", "distracted", and "kinda bitchy, no offense, love" (direct quotes). So,

None of my teachers have said anything on the matter.

There is one person I haven't asked, but...

...I can't believe I'm even considering this, but I don't have much of a choice. I have to talk to Lucien.

Shit, this is gonna be fun.

I'd get in contact with Alice, too, but I'm worried she'll just hang up on me.

And I did see the last post. I just...I don't know.

Daniel, if you're reading this, please, talk to me. Please. Leave a comment or something, let me know you're okay. If you don't want me to come looking for you I won't, I promise, just...let me know you're alive.

Ryuu, if you're trying to tell me something, I don't understand...I want to help, though, I really do. Just tell me what you need.

Stay safe, you guys.


Sunday, September 25, 2011


schism of hearts schism of minds schism x3

alice alora and HER

HE is watching, always there, HE has moved on to me now

fine with that

means HE is away from you

please don't come looking

begging you

can handle this

already the anonymous HE doesn't have much left to take

joining the faceless now

be careful SHE is ruthless

and HE won't be afraid to move on to you if results here are undesirable

love you both


Saturday, September 24, 2011


I can't find Daniel. There's someone else living in my old room. Apparently, I haven't missed any classes, assignments, or anything like that. So I was just living my life without remembering any of it.

I told the girl who's living in my old room that I was looking for the person who used to live there and if she knew what happened to her. She said that she'd heard the girl was having problems being stalked by some guy and that she requested a room change because of it.

I figured it might be a good idea to search the room, so I made up some bullshit story about leaving something in the room. She said she hadn't found anything, but she let me in anyway.

I only found one thing. Something scratched the molding along the floor, under the bed.

"it wasn't you. please don't try to find me you'll just bring her back. don't worry, i haven't left you, but please, don't try to find me. -d"

Something else was weird. There were these...marks on the closet door. I don't remember them being there. Like someone had smacked it repeatedly with something.

I think Daniel's alive. That's the good news. But...

If what I'm thinking is true...

...I have to find out what happened.


Where the Fuck Am I

This isn't my room.

I mean, all my stuff is here, it's all set up, but this isn't my room.

Daniel's gone, I don't know where Daniel is.

I...I don't think I posted anything, but...

No, no I didn't, unless I can't see it.

Okay, I'm...I'm still on-campus, it's night time, but Daniel's gone and I'm in a different room.

I can leave the room, it's not looped.

I don't...I don't remember anything.

The last thing I remember was the day after my last blog post, I went out, I was gonna go to the library, and while I was in there...

...I was in the library and then...


I don't remember, I don't know what happened.

Slender had been following me for a week, did he do this...

No no no no no.

Where's Daniel...I have to find Daniel...

Daniel please tell me you're reading this, please come back...

Two weeks, how did I lose two weeks...

Uhm...okay, I'm gonna...gonna calm down, gonna see what's happened to everyone else...then...I'll find Daniel tomorrow.

I'll find Daniel tomorrow.

What's happening to me?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Never Said

Because I'm doing it again, the thing that got me here in the first place. Out of sight, out of mind, don't think about it and it will go away. Yeah right.

But since the last post, he's been following me.

He's everywhere.

I can't turn around without him being there. He's outside my window right now.

I'm scared to leave my dorm room.

He hasn't tried to hurt me, but...

...I don't know.

I really don't.

I don't know why he's doing this and I don't know what to do.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh Shit

Shit shit shit shit my hands are shaking I can barely type this...

He's back. Slender man he's back. He was...he was in the room three seconds not three seconds, it's been three hours how has it been three hours?

I was...I was just sitting at my desk doing homework and Daniel was reading or something I don't know, but then I heard this buzzing on my headphones and it got really bad...I took them off and looked up and he was just there. He was there, right in the room, and suddenly there was this screaming, like radio static and someone being murdered, I couldn't move, his arms, his arms, there were so many, branches of a tree, and I was screaming but it wasn't me and then it was over.

It was over and it was 11:35.

We lost three hours, how did we lose three hours...

I don't know what to do...he just showed up, neither one of us is hurt, but we're both really really shaken

I have class tomorrow and how can I just go to class like nothing happened he was in my room...

What does he want?

What do we do?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

he knows something

lucien found me.

how i have no idea, we're not even in the same building as last year, but he found me while alora was out and somehow broke into the building.

the first thing to come out of his mouth was, "nice face, worm boy. what happened to the mask?"

"yeah, i missed you too."

i tried to follow up this (ill-advised) one-liner with a punch to the face. instead i missed and he punched me in the face. and apparently he hasn't pissed off slender enough to lose his enhanced strength, because that hurt. next thing i know i'm on my back with him kneeling beside me and grinning. "you hit like a girl. or like your brother, actually. his left hook is shit."


"yeah, is there anything you want me to tell him? because there was something he wanted me to tell you."

i was afraid to ask. i couldn't even decide if he was lying to me or not. "he says he remembers you. and he is not the only one. the master has not forgotten you yet, worm. or alora. and you might want to check in on your girlfriend if you still care about her."

and then he left.

i tried calling alice, but she hung up when she realized it was me.

she's still alive, though.

and alora is fine (though more than a little annoyed that the creeper knows where we live).

i don't know...


i just wish i knew what happened to him.

but i can't seek him out, that would be crazy. i've done enough crazy shit lately and i do not need more scars.

but still...


Daniel if you try anything I will kill you before Slender/Lucien/Potentially your brother can.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm back at college.

Daniel is with me, but Alice left. Not long before we did, in fact. Just up and left. She might have said goodbye to Daniel, but she didn't to me. We're not talking about it.

D keeps telling me it's not my fault, but that isn't making me feel any better about it.

He should've just gone with her...

Anyway, guess who else is back?

Lucien, AKA Minecraft Creeper. He's in one of my classes. I guess he really is a student, not just a proxy sent to mess with me. He didn't talk to me. In fact, he acted like I wasn't there. I am totally fine with that.

No sign of Slender. I think. There were a lot of false alarms though. The stupid freaking trees are too humanoid.

Why am I even doing this? Seriously, why?