Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it was a long night

a very long night.

as far as i could tell, the way the illusion worked was that we both had these blocks in our mind. mine kept me from seeing alora, and hers kept her from seeing...well, anything. i had to get into her mind and break the block. that was really hard because...well, she was so scared, and i think she thought i was him. i couldn't reach her while she was in that state. that's why i put the laptop in front of her and asked you to leave all those posts. she read all of them, and once she realized that it wasn't real, she calmed down enough that i could start clearing away the block.

hers was so much worse than mine. that's why it took so long. i swear, it fought back. i was literally at war inside her mind.

i don't think slender expected me to be so stubborn. it took some doing but i broke through at about 11:20 this morning.

poor alora...she just started bawling. i can only imagine...twisting her worst fear like that...

anyway, i convinced her to skip class (it's a testament to how stupid she can be that she was actually worried about class attendance!) and get some sleep.

does anyone know how much blood you can lose through your nose? because i'm pretty sure i broke the record. i think i'm going to need a new shirt after this...

fun fact: apparently my powers can have the occasional side effects of migraine-class headaches and apocalyptic nosebleeds. i'm fine, though. just tired.

but enough about me.

she might post later, but i don't know. she's going to need some time.

anyway, just wanted to let you know what happened and thank you all. if you haven't let those posts, i wouldn't have been able to get her out, or she'd still be stuck in there. so...thank you. thank you so much.

and morningstar, i hope someone caves in your head with a crowbar.



  1. WHOO!

    That is all I have to say.

    You're awesome.

  2. I concur with the above statement. You both get hugs.

  3. Glad to see you two got out of it well. :]

    Keep holding on, loves. <3

  4. You get used to the nosebleeds eventually. Though it is remarkable how much blood you can get out of your nose.

    And glad to hear you're both okay and alright after all of this.

  5. holy CRAP good to know you guys are alright. i saw the alert this morning and did what i could and i was worried all day but i can't check blogger while we're on the road and lawrupfjlxdnv the important thing is you're both okay.

  6. Stealing Ryuu's netbook for a moment:

    Sadly, Morningstar is fairly good at running like hell. Lord knows my friends tried hard to put him into the dirt. Still, he's got a hell of a bloody nose right now. It's something.