Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh Shit

Shit shit shit shit my hands are shaking I can barely type this...

He's back. Slender man he's back. He was...he was in the room three seconds not three seconds, it's been three hours how has it been three hours?

I was...I was just sitting at my desk doing homework and Daniel was reading or something I don't know, but then I heard this buzzing on my headphones and it got really bad...I took them off and looked up and he was just there. He was there, right in the room, and suddenly there was this screaming, like radio static and someone being murdered, I couldn't move, his arms, his arms, there were so many, branches of a tree, and I was screaming but it wasn't me and then it was over.

It was over and it was 11:35.

We lost three hours, how did we lose three hours...

I don't know what to do...he just showed up, neither one of us is hurt, but we're both really really shaken

I have class tomorrow and how can I just go to class like nothing happened he was in my room...

What does he want?

What do we do?

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