Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm back at college.

Daniel is with me, but Alice left. Not long before we did, in fact. Just up and left. She might have said goodbye to Daniel, but she didn't to me. We're not talking about it.

D keeps telling me it's not my fault, but that isn't making me feel any better about it.

He should've just gone with her...

Anyway, guess who else is back?

Lucien, AKA Minecraft Creeper. He's in one of my classes. I guess he really is a student, not just a proxy sent to mess with me. He didn't talk to me. In fact, he acted like I wasn't there. I am totally fine with that.

No sign of Slender. I think. There were a lot of false alarms though. The stupid freaking trees are too humanoid.

Why am I even doing this? Seriously, why?


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