Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where the Fuck Am I

This isn't my room.

I mean, all my stuff is here, it's all set up, but this isn't my room.

Daniel's gone, I don't know where Daniel is.

I...I don't think I posted anything, but...

No, no I didn't, unless I can't see it.

Okay, I'm...I'm still on-campus, it's night time, but Daniel's gone and I'm in a different room.

I can leave the room, it's not looped.

I don't...I don't remember anything.

The last thing I remember was the day after my last blog post, I went out, I was gonna go to the library, and while I was in there...

...I was in the library and then...


I don't remember, I don't know what happened.

Slender had been following me for a week, did he do this...

No no no no no.

Where's Daniel...I have to find Daniel...

Daniel please tell me you're reading this, please come back...

Two weeks, how did I lose two weeks...

Uhm...okay, I'm gonna...gonna calm down, gonna see what's happened to everyone else...then...I'll find Daniel tomorrow.

I'll find Daniel tomorrow.

What's happening to me?

1 comment:

  1. "I'm standing on the bridge.
    I'm waiting in the dark.
    I thought that you'd be here by now.

    "There's nothing but the rain.
    No footsteps on the ground.
    I'm listening, but there's no sound."