Saturday, September 10, 2011

he knows something

lucien found me.

how i have no idea, we're not even in the same building as last year, but he found me while alora was out and somehow broke into the building.

the first thing to come out of his mouth was, "nice face, worm boy. what happened to the mask?"

"yeah, i missed you too."

i tried to follow up this (ill-advised) one-liner with a punch to the face. instead i missed and he punched me in the face. and apparently he hasn't pissed off slender enough to lose his enhanced strength, because that hurt. next thing i know i'm on my back with him kneeling beside me and grinning. "you hit like a girl. or like your brother, actually. his left hook is shit."


"yeah, is there anything you want me to tell him? because there was something he wanted me to tell you."

i was afraid to ask. i couldn't even decide if he was lying to me or not. "he says he remembers you. and he is not the only one. the master has not forgotten you yet, worm. or alora. and you might want to check in on your girlfriend if you still care about her."

and then he left.

i tried calling alice, but she hung up when she realized it was me.

she's still alive, though.

and alora is fine (though more than a little annoyed that the creeper knows where we live).

i don't know...


i just wish i knew what happened to him.

but i can't seek him out, that would be crazy. i've done enough crazy shit lately and i do not need more scars.

but still...


Daniel if you try anything I will kill you before Slender/Lucien/Potentially your brother can.



  1. My suggestion is that you work on your left hook.

  2. very funny.


    Ignore him, he's cranky today.