Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a question

are frequent nosebleeds...normal, considering my situation?

i've been having them since...that day. and they've been getting worse. alora's freaked out and frankly so am i.


the dreams have been getting worse.

he's always there, even in the ones that aren't nightmares. just in the background. watching me.

and the man in the red sweater...

i think i'm losing my mind.


  1. i think your mind is fighting something, daniel, and fighting hard. the only solution might be to find out exactly what's trying to get into your head so the battle can be a conscious one instead of simply a subconscious one. naturally, there's a crapton of risks in this option, but i think that you stand a good chance.

  2. Psychic nosebleeds. Yes. Normal. Possibly bad, but normal, and easily dealt with, and if you haven't lost your mind already you...I dunno. I wanted to say something inspiring about crazy = normal, but I can't figure one out, so, yeah, you're normal.

  3. hakurei: after everything i've been through, i am more than willing to buy that. the question is how in the hell do i figure that out? i's not like i can read my own...

    ...well...maybe i could, don't...


    could i?

    joce: thanks for the support, man. it's good to know someone thinks i'm...whatever passes for normal these days.

  4. Dude. Normal is SO boring. People tell me I'm weird, I say thank you. As long as you don't bleed out, it's gonna be fine.

    I am also interested to see if you manage to read your own mind.

  5. taking a dive into your own subconscious can be a scary experience. since some of your memories are still fuzzy, you should be particularly wary. the most important thing is to remember that it's just like dreaming. as long as you remember that, you can do whatever you want in there, nothing can hurt you. the trick, however, is remembering it.

  6. "Dreams are real when we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was strange."

    I can't remember who said that, but, yeah. Same rules probably apply to the inside of your mind, 'specially considering that that's where dreams come from.

  7. That's from Inception, Joce. xD

    Daniel's considering it right now. We both figured he should think this through first before doing anything drastic. Just to be safe...


  8. A trip into your own mind is never an enjoyable one. Just a word of warning. If you've ever had to repress a part of yourself because you thought it was bad for whatever reason, expect that part of you to be extremely angry about it, if that make sense at all.

  9. Inception was a pretty good movie...but is that truly where Joce's quote came from? I's a very common thought amongst dreamers.

  10. Are you guys alright? I worry, you know. =(

  11. @Guess: Yeah, that's what it's from. At least that's where I remember hearing it...

    @Hakurei: Yeah, we're fine. Long week, finals coming, Slender Shit to deal with (nothing fact, he hasn't been around as much lately...why? I have no idea). Worrying about yeah, long week.

    Daniel is...well, he's thinking about trying the read-his-own mind thing, but he's going to wait until tomorrow, so I'll be around instead of stuck in class while he's digging about in his mind. We'll let you know what happens...