Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daniel decided to try the self-mind-reading thing. It took some doing, but he managed to "go under" so to speak about an hour ago.

He's just been lying on the bed for the past hour.

Nothing too weird happened at first, until about ten minutes ago, when...

Well, I noticed a noise, and when I thought it was weird at first, but then I...I looked over at Daniel and I realized it was him, he's muttering.

He's talking.

...I...I don't know if that means anything but...

He has a voice.

Holy effing shit, he has a voice.


  1. it doesn't surprise me. many cases of being mute are simply from trauma, not from a physical lack.

    just make sure he stays hydrated if he's under too long.

  2. I know, it's just...I've never heard him talk before. It''s weird. Even if it's just incoherent mumbling...

    I'm...I'm not sure how, but I'll think of something.