Wednesday, August 3, 2011 bastard...

you've only been back three seconds and already...hell. fucking hell.

he was in the room. i heard alora screaming and when i opened the closet door, he was there, standing over her, and she was screaming. it looked like she was still asleep but he was hurting her. i wanted to help her, i really did, but her parents came in the room and i had to hide back in the closet, and all i could do was watch.

i could only watch...

that smug bastard, he knew, he knew how badly i wanted to help her. he was hurting both of us. two birds with one stone.

he left a few minutes ago. alora's with her parents. as far as i can tell, she doesn't remember any of it. they probably just think it was a night terror. better that way. as soon as i can, i'll talk to her.

he's really back now.


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