Thursday, June 16, 2011


that's all i hear.

i "woke up" this morning. felt line, once the buzzing in my ears stopped. something felt off, though. it took me a while, but i realized what it was.

i couldn't hear anything from alice or alora. like, their thoughts. i said a while back that if i relax my mind i can usually hear residual thoughts, sense emotions, but i wasn't getting anything. i tried actively reading alice's mind, and i couldn't. i just...couldn't.

my abilities are gone. poof. don't know how or why.

i guess slender man disarmed the bomb. i'm not his weapon. not a weapon for our side either. i'm just a normal person now.

i mean, on the one hand i'm almost relieved, because...well, i hated those freaking powers, but on the other hand, they were kinda useful, and...

there has to be more to it. i know it, i just don't know what the "more" is.

why not just kill me?

why keep me alive?

he's got something else up his sleeve. i guarantee it.

(oh, and in regards to alice's comments about me being drunk that one time...let's just say the moral of the story is that, even though long island iced tea doesn't taste like booze, it is, and you should pace yourself accordingly. i can never show my face at that bar again. ever.)

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  1. I wouldn't try to comprehend the actions of Faceless or anything like him. They don't think the way we do.