Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alice Here

Alora gave me log in and said I should post.

I'm...not really sure what to say. So I guess I'll just start at the beginning.

Hi, I'm Alice. Daniel is...was...I don't even know what our status is now, but we were dating before he went missing. When no one could find out where he went I started looking for him myself. He never deleted his internet history, so finding all this Slender Man stuff was pretty easy. A bunch of link-jumping resulted in my discovering this particular blog, and...

Is it weird that I just knew it was him? I don't know how, he was so different at first, but I just...knew.

If you're wondering how he's doing, well...he's getting better. Every day he's a little more lucid and awake more. Today he was basically alert, but it kind of reminded me of the one time he got drunk, complete with the barely legible declarations of love (he is going to kill me for posting this). Alora's still got therapy, but when she's not there she's kind of kicking around the house moping.

As for Slender Man, I've seen him once, Alora claims to have seen him twice, and Daniel keeps talking about how the suit guy will get in the closet if I don't shut the door.

I wish I knew what was going on, but I'm just sitting here in this closet, on the internet, with my passed-out...boyfriend? Maybe? lying nearby.

And that sounds so wrong when I type it out.


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