Saturday, June 18, 2011

he's back

slender's been circling the house since about...two? two thirty? i don't know. he seems agitated. then again, considering some things scott has been through recently, i'm not surprised. hope it hurt, bastard.

alora and alice are both asleep. it's a miracle alora's asleep at all. she's become nocturnal/an insomniac since i first met her. it's not healthy. she's going to be a wreck when school starts back up.

i wish i could sleep. every time i close my eyes i see...i think it's my brother, but i can't tell. i was little when he went missing. i barely remember him.

we never found him.

never found a body either.

i guess i always just hoped...

why can't i shake the feeling that what happened to him is important?


  1. you should probably write down the stuff that you remember. that way all the details are kept straight, and you might be able to pull out more.

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  3. Here is a lovely story for you.
    Two men walk through a Forrest.
    1:Back in the 1800's they thought this area was blessed because everything would grow so fast. They would take their worst criminals, murderers and child molesters and they would put them on trail out here before god. They would tie them up to the trees and they would get stretched out, kind of like a rack. They never found or gave them water though, so they would just die of dehydration.
    2:Why are you telling me this?
    1:They never cut down the bodies. They would just burn the whole tree with them still on it. They stopped doing it after a kid went missing and he finally turned up in an area where they do the trails. He had been dismembered and strung up.

    I always suspected this was the fate of all those children.