Sunday, April 10, 2011

i'm trapped in the room.

the door won't open and when i look out the windows, all i see is nothing.

me and alora are holed up in the corner. she's still completely out of it...and now the lights are flickering, hell...

he's coming.

if we don't make it...

i'm sorry.

i love you, alice.


  1. Shit. shit shit shit shit shit

    Daniel, is there anything in the room which you can use to break down the door? If you can, do it, grab Alora, and get the hell out of there. Run for it!

    Alora... please, don't die on me.


  2. Apology accepted. Have fun trying to follow Scotty's advice.

  3. Look on the bright side. At least you will die together.

  4. I... FUCK.

    This can't be it, it can't. MC said this was a game. I just...

    Why didn't you run? For the love of god, isn't poor and hungry better than insane and dead?

  5. Oh, but it IS a game, Haku!

    For us.

    You know, this is the first time I have heard Worm Boy make a noise. He really can scream when he wants to.

    Stupid Alora won't shut up. The Master has not even touched her yet. She keeps on singing. Stupid bitch.

    Do not worry, Bitch. It will be your turn soon enough...


  6. Fuck you, Maze, Morningstar, and Lucien. Especially you, Lucien; never call her that again. If you and your Master hurt them any more, I'll personally end you. It's shit like this which caused us Runners to hunt you bastards down.

    Alora, please... hang in there. You can escape, you've done it before!

  7. Fuck off Morningstar, and all of the people who Scott told to fuck off. How dare you, you sons of whores, how dare you touch them.

    Alora, Daniel-- if you can read this, stab them and run and don't look back.

  8. "Stab them and run"? Are you joking? Daniel already rushed the Master with a baseball bat. He put his head slammed through a mirror. Stabbing anyone is not going to do anything.

    And Daniel is...indisposed right now. And by "indisposed" I mean "writhing on the ground and screaming".

    I am sorry, Scott, but there is no escaping for the little bitch. Not that she seems to think that. She keeps on singing, and just will not shut up and I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DO NOT SHUT UP YOU WHORE I WILL KILL YOU!! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I. WILL. KILL. YOU.

    Stupid bitch...

  9. There now, insulting us won't help.

  10. You. Lucien. Whatever the fuck you're calling yourself.

    Alora, I know you and I got off to a bad start, but kid, if you harm a hair on that girl's head I will spontaneously teleport to your location and rip your head from your shoulders.

    Singing seems to be a common coping mechanism. Vivi did it too.

    Also: You bastard.


  11. Lucien, this is your last warning. If you do not leave Alora and Daniel alone, "I. WILL. KILL. YOU."

    You have been warned.

  12. I am not doing anything, Scott. I am just watching and making sure the bitch does not try to run off (not that she could if she tried). If you want someone to blame, blame the Master. He is doing this. Or better yet, blame Alora and Daniel. They brought this on themselves. They are just getting what they had coming to them.

    Oh, look, he is done with Daniel. Time to play with the bitch.

    I am going to enjoy watching this...

  13. There are chords in the hearts of the most reckless that cannot be touched without emotion. Things for those that will make anything a jest, where no jest can be made.

    Careful gents. Remember everything you do today. It will be paid back.

  14. Dammit Killer will you at least TRY to prove me wrong about you?
    I bet you wanna spill my entrails all over the ground too don't ya?
    Lucien, I envy your position right now. Watching those two suffer must be a glorious sight.

  15. Oh, that was stupid. That was really, really stupid.

    Hey, guys! I'm going to be taking over for Alora for a bit. I hope that's okay.

    Oh, and I almost forgot...