Monday, April 11, 2011


i just...

what he did...

i don't...

i don't...i can't talk about it right now.

i passed out at some point and when i woke up...alora was there but it wasn't alora. it was...someone else inside alora, i don't know. she said her name was chimere and she tried to explain it to me, but my head hurt, so i wasn't really registering what was going on.

she doesn't act like alora at all. it's...i don't even know how to feel.

but...she told me...

she told me there was something i needed to do to help alora. she said i needed to make her forget. i needed to make her forget what had happened today, or most of what happened this week if i could.

i told her no. i told her that i didn't know if i could do that and even if i could i wasn't going to. i wasn't going to invade her like that, i wasn't going...

and she told me...she said, "daniel, do you know what's going to happen to her if you just let her stay like this? i'm not going to stay here forever, and when she wakes up, she is going to be a mess. do you know what she's been through? at least you have your bullshit mind powers. you could fight back. she couldn't fight back. he violated her and she was defenseless. she's going to wake up and remember everything, and that will drive her insane. she might never recover. i know that if you could make yourself forget everything that happened this week, everything you did, and everything he did to you, you'd do it. it's a thousand times worse for her. if you don't try, then she will go through hell. do you understand? you have to try."

...she was right.

so i...

i'm able to...


i couldn't make the memories go away entirely, but specifics are'll just be a blur of awfulness, everything that happened today, the woods, some of the stuff that happened since last's just smudged, she'll know what happened was terrible, but she won't be able to remember exactly what happened...

i just went inside her mind like that...uninvited...messing with her memories like that...

tell me i did the right thing.

please, tell me i did the right thing...


  1. Daniel. You did the right thing.

  2. i think you did the right thing. because there are times when the only options are bad and worse, and you have to do something, because not deciding is the same as picking "worse".

    she knows you, and she trusts you. she'll have these records and your personal account if she ever needs information and specifics. but no one needs all this playing over and over in their heads.

    if she asks for information, tell her the truth. but for now, you did the right thing.

  3. You did the right thing, Daniel. Honestly.

  4. Considering the alternatives? I'd say you did the right thing. Although, I'd suggest against blindly trusting mysterious voices in the future.

  5. It was for the best, and that's what matters. Desperate times do call for desperate measures, please don't worry. I probably would have done the same thing, knowing the alternatives. You did the right thing. Don't worry about it. :]

    And if she asks, be honest. She trusts you, I don't think she could ever be angry with you for protecting her.

    Keeping holding on. <3

  6. What I would have suggested is wiping her memories of this entire affair. Or perhaps just all of them.

    But...I did what was best.

  7. It was the right thing, Daniel. It'll turn out great.