Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greetings, and Welcome To...

...the Endurance Games!

No, this is not Alora, or that worm, Daniel. My name is Lucien, but you may all know me better as "Minecraft Creeper". What a charming nickname. Your little friend is incredibly mature, I can tell.

But that is not important.

Do not worry; they are both alive. They are just having a very bad evening.

See, every once in a while, we like to take the ones that think they are strong, that think they can handle whatever the Master throws at them with the power of love or friendship or positive thinking, and test their alleged strength. See how long it takes them to crack. For the next week, the Master and I are going to make their lives living hell. And if they come out the other side with their sanities intact, then it would seem that we have some competent enemies for a change. I myself would not mind if they did prove themselves. It makes the hunt that much more interesting.

Endurance Challenge #1: Turn off the lights.

No, not another labyrinth. Just a simple matter of breaking their lights, locking them in, and making sure that no one can hear the screams.

Poor, naive Alora. Whimpering like a coward.

Bang on that door all you want, Daniel. No one can hear you.

We will see how well they fared tomorrow.




  1. I sense a great pain in your future. It involves getting sucker punched by your targets, creepy boy.

  2. it's daniel. and i second your sentiment, scott.

    finally found the laptop after spending seven minutes banging on the door and stubbing my toe three different times. he's right, no one can hear us.

    i swear to god, once i get out of here, i am going to kill that man.

    list things with light-up screens. i'm trying to get as many lights on as possible.

    and no, i can't open the window. m is a freaking liar. we're on the fifth floor and -- is peering in the window right now. just watching us. son of a bitch.

    lucien, you are a dead man.

  3. It seems like a lot of people are taking over other people's blogs lately.

    How incredibly rude.

  4. Your name is Minecraft Creeper because I refuse to call you by the name of Kay's brother, asshole.

    Guys, you can beat this. You heard him: it's darkness and JUST darkness. You'll be fine.

    Daniel: cell phones, handheld games, iPods and their ilk, laptops, TVs, some alarm clocks... anything digital, really. maybe all you'll get is a colored dot or some numbers, but it'll be something. Also candles. Got any of those?

  5. iPods, iTouchs, phones, flashlights, clocks (like alarm clocks), blinking lights on a VCR, lighters...

    That's all I can think of, sorry.

  6. no candles, but as it turns out, alora has three different flashlights in various places in her room. why i didn't think of the girl that the desperate fear of the dark might have more than one flashlight sooner is beyond me. her ipod and cellphone are on too, and i tried the tv but it's not working (figures). it's a little lighter, and alora's not as freaked out, but it's still too dark for her. and -- is still at the window. dammit.

    going through her desk drawers, she said something about having reading lights and maybe a gaming system, i don't know...distractions. i need distractions. where does she keep her dvds?!