Monday, April 4, 2011


The night is over.

Oh, thank God.

Basic bullet points outline of what happened:

-Lights went out.
-I had a panic attack.
-Daniel freaked out.
-Daniel found out what was going on, found everything with a light on it and turned it on.
-I was still panicking, so we ended up watching YouTube videos all night to try and calm me down.

Good things to come out of this:
-I discovered that there is an auto-tuned Charlie Sheen song (yes, I am dead serious).
-I found a flashlight I thought I'd lost.

Bad things to come out of this:
-I am dead tired.
-My head hurts.
-So does my back.
-My chest kinda hurts from all the hyperventilating.
-I'm still super-paranoid.
-Daniel is pissed as hell.
-I'm scared as hell.
-There is more of this shit to come.




  1. can you guys go anywhere? or are you still stuck in your room?

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention that. The doors unlocked at about 9:00-ish. Just in time for me to make it to class...and fall asleep during the lecture. x.x Thank God I was sitting in the back...


  3. i'm wondering if you shouldn't make a run for it, guys. MC said these trials are going to continue all week.

  4. That song is REALLY funny.

    ...More seriously, yeah, maybe getting out would be a good idea? I can say for sure you've always got all of us if you decide to try and endure the "Endurance Trials".

  5. The problem is, we can't really go anywhere. If I had the funds and a place to go, believe me, we would be out of here. We don't really have a choice. Thank you for the support, though, Frap. :)

    Oh, and today's trial is...Creeper being a stalker. Yeah, and he said Daniel would get hurt if I tried tattling on him to the campus PD. So basically I have to deal with his skinny ass following me FREAKING EVERYWHERE. Which might not sound like much of a trial until you realize that a) I am really short-tempered and tired, b) I am really emotional after last night, and c) all of this makes me really sensitive, emotionally, and want to cave in his face. So when you've been through what I've been through, that IS a trial.

    Freaking asshole...


  6. Funds? Alora, I'm not sure if you grasp the seriousness of this situation. This sort of thing only ever escalates if you give them the chance.

    He said he wants to see how far you'll go before you break. Ergo, he intends to break you.

    Screw money, kiddo, screw hotels. Just get the hell out while you can.

  7. Poor, silly Haku. Whether or not they break is completely up to them. I am just doing as I am told.

    And yes, of course they should run. Because that helped the stupid boy that lived across the street from Alora, right? You should have seen the look on his face when he was cornered. He really thought he could get away.

    Run, run, little piggies, fast as you can. The Big Bad Wolf will find you...