Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sorry, Guys

Just wanted to post to let you know I'm okay. A little emotionally shaken, but okay.

I saw the last post. I guess I freaked out D a bit. Just a little. He was really nice about it, though. Even gave me a hug. Poor guy...(mental note: from now on, have meltdowns in private.)

I was...well, I was timelining Jeff and Cheska's blog...and on a lark I clicked on Darby's old blog, God only knows why, and I saw what happened...and I thought I would be okay, cataloging what Jeff and Cheska have done because I know they're going to be all right (or at least I've deluded myself into thinking that), but when I saw Darby's blog, I just sort of broke down. All the shit that's been happening lately...I guess I needed a good cry.

Anyway, I'm all better now and

don't listen to her. she's trying to read more blogs. i said she should

Sorry. D keyboard jacked me. I don't get

someone make her stop re


Jeez, I thought I was the one looking after him. (And now he's trying to give me the look from under his mask. It's not working.)

And yes, I do want to finish timelining "Let Us Keep Living" even after my meltdown. This is war. I have to suck it up and move on. Jeff and Cheska are going to be okay, and we can help Darby. I know we can. Power of Deluding Yourself Positive Thinking at work. Besides, stopping in the middle of the blog is a pain in the ass. Hang on...

i am not responsible for any emotional breakdowns she has after this point. i tried to stop her. you all saw it. -d


Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I need to go smack him, cry some more, then get back to work. Stay safe, you guys.




    Here's a video of a Creeper falling into some lava for your enjoyment.


  2. Hahaaaa. xD Thanks, dude. I needed that. ^^