Wednesday, February 23, 2011


this is d, not alora.

she's really upset right now.

something about these people darby, jeff, and cheska...

she was just typing and then she started crying.

who's darby? and jeff? and cheska?

i don't know why she's upset...someone please tell me what's going on. she won't stop crying. i don't know what to say to her.

i don't think she's okay.


  1. Darby, Jeff and Cheska are friends of ours. We thought Darby was dead but it turns out someone else has taken over his mind, and Jeff and Cheska have been captured. My girlfriend Vivi is freaking out as well, but we have work so she's doing her best not to show it. We've all been having a rough time lately.

    Nice to meet you, D.


  2. oh. thank you, chester. i think she mentioned a darby once. i'll try talking to her about it...

  3. Pretty much what Chester said. Here are the blogs that they have:


    It's nice to finally meet you, D. I wish it were under better circumstances.


  4. thank you, scott. nice to meet you too. (funny, i haven't actually read any blogs yet...or maybe i did and don't remember...)

    alora's calmed down a bit but i don't think she's ready to talk just yet. she wanted me to tell you guy's she's okay, she just had a bit of a meltdown. she might post later. i don't know.