Monday, January 31, 2011

Not a Lot of News

Vivi went after Chester, but there's no news on what happened. According to twitter, she'll (hopefully they'll) tell us all what went down later.

Scott was being hacked by either the Joker or the narmiest stalker/proxy ever, but the police got him, so it's all good.

As for me, I was feeling well enough to go to class, but it was *torture*. I swear, I think that Slender (if he's controlling the cold) deliberately let up on the cold just so that I could go to class and suffer. And it worked. I kept thinking all day that if I was just a LITTLE bit sicker, I could be in bed sleeping all day.

Skinny son of an inter-dimensional whore.

Anyway...I might try to timeline Zeke Strahm's second blog, depending on how I feel. It doesn't have as many entries as some others, so I might be able to get through it. Or maybe I'll just end up blowing off the world at large and sleeping some more.

Stay safe, you guys,


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