Thursday, August 25, 2011

Haven't Slept in Forever

Not because of the anxiety disorder. I'm too busy worrying to sleep.

First off, I've only just convinced my parents to let me go back to college. They were actually considering keeping me home after all the weirdness that happened this summer. I couldn't let them do that. I have to stay away from them as often as possible. For their own safety.

Second, Daniel seems to be losing his mind, as he keeps thinking he sees his long-lost kid brother hiding behind trees in the backyard.


Well...I'm worried about him and Alice.

I'll be honest, they have been tense and awkward around each other ever since she got back. I mean, I know that Daniel's glad to see her, and I know she's glad she found him, but everything's different now. It's hard to go back to your normal stable relationship when one of you got your face cut up and discovered he had super-special mind powers.

And then there's me.

I know that Daniel doesn't want to leave me or anything, and...I think I'm driving a wedge between them.

I don't want to separate them or anything, but...


I can't.

I just want this to end...


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