Monday, August 15, 2011

Cause For Worry? Probably, Yeah.

Hey, it's Alice.

So, I think we might have a problem.

Apparently (and I just found this out myself, so I don't know all the details) there's a guy across the street who was a runner, but is now a hallowed. Alora had heard from him a while back, but I guess she hasn't seen him since. Well, not until today anyway. I don't know if he came home or if his parents found him, but about half an hour ago, he was just on the lawn, having some kind of a screaming fit. I could hear it through the windows and the closet door, that's how loud he was screaming. Alora and her parents went outside to see what was going on, so me and Daniel got to watch through the window. At first he was just screaming gibberish, but when he saw Alora...well, that's when things got interesting.

I remember he shouted, "The hidden one! The hidden one!" and pointed at her. "He seeks to reclaim the seed! The hidden one!" Then he lunged at her. "Scratch it out, scratch it out, get rid of the infection, get rid of it!"

Fortunately, Hallowed Guy's dad is the approximate size and build of freaking Hagrid, so he was able to keep the kid from hurting her. But he kept shouting about "the hidden one" and "reclaiming the seed" and then he was just shouting gibberish again. His parents dragged him back into the house not long after that.

We haven't really talked about it, but I know we're all thinking it. He was talking about Chimere. It's the "reclaiming the seed" bit that has me worried.

"Reclaiming". Like "taking back something that was yours".

I don't think we know a thing about Chimere. We could have a ticking time bomb on our hands here.




  1. Huh.

    Yeah, I'd probably worry too.

    Normally I'd advise talking to Chimere, but... somehow I don't think that'd go over well. For anyone.

  2. even if we did know, you're right. that would not end well at all. especially if she knows what happened today. i mean, we know that she knows when alora's in trouble, but we don't know if she knows anything else. she would probably get defensive. violently defensive.

    i don't like thinking about it. right now i'm just trying to focus on how to get him to stay away from alora.


    Yeah, like we're going to be able to do THAT...