Friday, June 24, 2011

last night and today

the good news is we found her.

the bad kind of a long story.

it didn't take long for her parents to figure out she was missing. alice and i had to wait in the closet until they left. i thought i knew where she was--the same woods i had been found in not long ago. alice wasn't too thrilled about going, but she knew we had to. it took us forever to sneak out to the woods, and what felt like even longer until we found her. i screamed her name until my throat was hoarse.

and when we finally found her...

she...she was in pretty bad shape.

the first thing she said to me was, "daniel, i think i killed someone."

that was when i noticed the blood on her hands.

she doesn't remember how she got to the woods. she remembers wandering around for a bit, scared out of her mind, and then some proxies showed up and attacked her. she blacked out again after that, then "woke up" later. she had no idea what happened, but i think...

chimere. it had to be chimere.

anyway, we managed to sneak her into someone's back yard and hose the blood off. she passed it off as falling in a creek. i went back to the woods when the sun came up to find the bodies and the knife. i had to hide the evidence. i'm an ex-cop. i can reverse-engineer forensic countermeasures.

as for the bodies, well...let's just...say that any fears we had about chimere being a psycho are pretty well-founded. wasn't pretty.

anyway, alora's asleep. she's basically been confined to her room all day. between the anxiety disorder and the idea that she killed someone, she's...not having a good day.

the most viable theory i have right now is that slender man is responsible for getting her into the woods, but the question is why. what's his game? what does he have to gain from this?

is this related to chimere?

i don't know. i honestly don't know.

i just hope it doesn't happen again...

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  1. What he "gains" from it is "mindfucking the shit out of you until you're too scared to do anything but whimper as he kills you". Easy. Your job is to not let that happen.