Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keep Your Hopes Up High...

...And your head down low.

That's my new motto and I'm sticking to it.

Things have been pretty quiet since Daniel's journey into the dark corners of his consciousness. This doesn't mean we're any safer, but it's nice change of pace (although now that I said that we're going to wake up to find Slender in the room with Cthuthlu, ready to make blood sacrifices out of us).

I mentioned this on Twitter, and I'm going to say it again: DANIEL IS SO SOUTHERN. It's a riot. His voice is all quiet with this soft southern accent. If he weren't eight years older than me I'd say it was kind of hot.

stop making people think we're an item!

He's been paranoid about that lately. I keep trying to tell him, shippers gonna ship, no matter what you do, but he won't listen. Ah, well.

Anyway, random supercomputer! Weird, huh? I'm not sure if I can trust it or not, but for now, it seems benign at least. At the very least, it could be a good source of information. I'm neutral, at least for now.

lies. her first reaction was, "oh shit, it's skynet. we're all gonna die."

OI! That was an understandable reaction!

To be honest, I'm more interested in the fact that Orsos Osort/RT/Skynet was being partially run by a couple of Redlights. Especially in the light of our recent revelation. I can't believe they actually thought Daniel would be a Redlight. Morons. From what I can piece together, he was as Lawful Good as they come. Neutral Good at the very least.

can't blame them for trying. that's what slender man does, uses people. if he can't, he takes them out, because they're not worth his time. we're starting to think that slender man is "the unfettered", although what his ultimate goal is is still a mystery. and yes, i go on tv tropes now. there isn't much else to do in this tiny single, and i get bored.

His ultimate goal could be chaos.

if that's the case, we are royally f*cked.

Yeah, basically.

And on that happy note...stay safe, guys.



  1. Input accepted. Response: The Reintegration Tablet is trustworthy. It is organics that cannot usually be trusted.

  2. you guys seem chipper today. ^^

    i think i like this computer dealie. you two should read through the comments when you have the time, there's some invaluable information in there. i AM a bit worried about this goal of "reintegration", but other than that, i think we may have struck gold.

    btw, it's Osort, not Orsos. and Sage asked the same thing about being run/built by redlights, but apparently any redlights who USED TO be involved are dead now. is it lying? maybe, but i doubt it. it's got no reason to lie.

  3. @RT: "It is organics that cannot usually be trusted." Oh, trust us, we know that.

    @Hakurei: We've been feeling a bit better than usual. But like I said, now that I admit this, everything is going to go to hell, because that's just how it works in Slender Land! *facepalm*

    There were redlights involved in some way, and that's what interests me. I mean, the redlights somehow seem to know...well, a freaking lot about us. So I'm guessing maybe they infiltrated the whatever-the-heck-this-is and used it for evil. Because that's what they do. Act evil.

    OSORT, right. I forgot. It was O-something. Thanks. :)


  4. Fun times. I suggest quiet contemplation over a cup of green tea. ^_^ It has been beautiful recently...just observe the wind moving through the trees, and feel the beauty of being alive.

  5. It has been, hasn't it? I'm just happy the days are getting longer. When you're nictophobic, summer is the best time of year, ever.