Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm amazed I can type this.

My hands are still shaking.


I went to the library for a book. know that whole thing about lost time? I think that's what happened to me. I was flipping through the book to make sure it was the right one...then I looked up at it was dark out.

Then...then Slender was in the library too, and...

I couldn't go outside, but I couldn't stay there. I ran, I left a post. He kept following me, always a little closer every time I turned around. And no one seemed to notice, I mean there weren't that many people to begin with but the ones that were there didn't seem to notice or care. I was...scared is the wrong word, I was terrified.

And I knew if I stayed any longer I was going to die.

So I...

I went outside and...

I was only out there for a few seconds, but I couldn't breathe, my chest hurt, my head felt light, I thought I was going to die...tried to keep running, couldn't...I fell down, thought for sure I was going to die...

Then next thing I knew, someone was grabbing me. Protecting me. I was too scared to even care who it was, and I don't really know what happened. I know Slender was there, he sort of stood there for a while, just watching, then he just...left.

And then the person practically carried me back to the dorm because I couldn't walk, my legs were weak and I was suffocating and I kept thinking think of the shows, think of the shows but it didn't help.

I really thought...

But then we were inside, and there was light, and I could breathe again.

It was Daniel.

He saw the post I left and ran out of the room to save me.

He did save me.

...My head hurts.


  1. You're alive. I suggest Scotch (preferably aged 12 years) for near death experiences, to be savored in a highball glass with two ice cubes. Make it a double in fact.

    Concentrate on the good things, drink the scotch, marvel at the flavor of good scotch. Consider the ramifications. They're playing a game where they have to follow rules. Try to use the rules against them. Drink the scotch slowly, get that warm and fuzzy feeling. Do not have a second glass.

    Find their rules, and use them to win.

  2. Underage. Don't know where to get Scotch anyway. :/ Is hot chocolate an acceptable substitute? (Screw it, it is now.)

    We haven't quite figured out what the rules are, but...they don't seem to want to outright kill us unless we really, really mess up or wimp out. That's the only rule I can think of. Go insane, die. Wimp out, die. Have panic attack while running down pathway in the dark, die. We have to keep our heads on to win.

    Which is almost impossible when you've suddenly come down with a terrible cold for no damn reason and are high on cold meds...


  3. Hot chocolate will do. Good luck. :(