Thursday, February 10, 2011

x.x (Edited w/ Code De-Coded)

I suck at codes. Anyone want to help me out?

This was posted as a comment on my first ever post by someone named scarce, whose first blog entry appears to be the same code he left in the comment. At first I thought it was an alphabet-based code, but there are only 24 numbers, so that went out the window. All I can figure out based off a brief internet search is that any double numbers (like the 12.12 in the first line) are either ss, ee, tt, ff, 11, mm, or oo. I might try fiddling with that after (or during) class (hurrah for not paying attention!). But until then, I'm stuck.

In other news, Jeff found out he's...well, he's still Hallowed. A Renevant, like Reach (who is MIA, presumed dead, but I'm not so sure...I mean, this is Reach we're talking about here). I know some people are pissed he never mentioned this, but I can't really be mad at him. He's come clean about it, now we have to help him. Simple as that. (Yeah, I'm one of those forgives-people-really-fast types.)

Scott is being hacked by...someone. And potentially stalked. So he really needs our support now. Don't worry, man. You'll get through this.

I need to start back up on the timeline...maybe this weekend. I'm normally up late watching TV anyways. Damn you Fox for canceling Firefly! >:(

I'll let you guys know if I figure out anything with the code.


EDIT: Thanks to help from Sammie and his sister Vera, I found the answer to the code. Going to check the other guys' story, but from what I can tell, it's being posted on all the Solstice Stories. Here's the translation:

I would like
To congratulate you non assaur. It was a good idea that wi
ll never work. I would like to remind y
ou that there is another solstice. Keep running.


Can't decide if this guy is for real or just some asshole gamejacker. Either way, I am not amused.

OTHER EDIT: Yup, it's on all of them.


  1. I got a similar message on the post "Here Goes Nothing", my Solstice Story. I have no idea what the code is...


  2. I think the code is the same as the one I was lucky enough to receive on "To Make a God Bleed".

    Translated here:

    It's triple coded, and very annoying.

  3. @Sammie: Thanks, man. It's the exact same message as mine. Is this scarce dude trying to be scary? It's not's just annoying me.

    @Genevieve: I looked, and it's on everyone's freaking Solstice Stories. Why? Who knows!

  4. They ignored me completely. Oh well. It's probably some asshole gamejacker. And thanks.

  5. @Scott: Lucky you. It freaked me out before I realized it was probably someone trying to get attention. Well, he got it. Fun's over. Scarce can sulk in his emo corner now.

    Also, you're welcome. :)