Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

So, my Valentine's Day was interesting.

I wasn't really on the blog-o-sphere because I was celebrating V-Day my watching Doctor Who, eating chocolate, and pretending Matt Smith is my boyfriend. Just kidding about that last part. Maybe. >.> ANYWHO (see what I did there?) I go to check my mail, and find two items of interest. The first is from our good friend, Minecraft Creeper. Who seems to want to apologize for the "incident" on the 11th. With a Valentine that looks like an actual human heart, not the shape.

Joke's on him: I would've thought that valentine was the coolest thing ever if it had been coming from anyone but him. (I'm a little weird like that.)

Point is, he's still a creeper, as the thing didn't even say anything, just had the operator's symbol. Weirdo.

The other item was...a bit stranger. It *was* a traditional Valentine's heart, but the sort that a five-year-old would cut out of red construction paper. And it only said one thing:


That's it. No signature, no other message. Just "hello". And no capitalization either. I'm not sure if it means anything yet. Maybe I have a secret admirer. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Anyways, belated Valentine's Day to all our couples. Take good care of each other. We love you all. ^^

Stay safe, you guys.


ETA: I have an icon now. Figured I'd let the Doctor bring some much-needed optimism to this mess.


  1. Oh. Creepers with Operator symbols? That's creeeeeeepy. No pun intended, I think.

    That sounds awfully like the Slender Man. Well. Um. Valentine's Day. Yeah. Three couples, now? Three, the magic number...Rambling again. Good luck, Alora; and you too.

  2. Actually, I got a note on the first that I'm pretty sure was from Slender. I compared the handwriting. It's completely different. Unless that note wasn't written by Slender, but I'm pretty sure it was. I dunno...I doesn't feel malicious. It feels like a five-year-old did it, odd as that might sound.

    And yes, three is the magic number. Perhaps it will enhance the power of love, thus allowing us to use it against Slender? Probably not, but hey, I can dream. :P


  3. Love the new avatar, by the by.

  4. Thanks. ^^ Just trying to bring some happiness to this mess. The 11th Doctor can do that. Effortlessly. (I'm also hoping that Slender is secretly an alien that will recognize the Doc and run away in fear, BUT I doubt that's going to happen. >.<)