Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shit's Hitting the Fan

Not on my end, on Jeff and Cheska's. Someone named Recessed posted on the blog. Said that they're going to...


I don't believe it.

I know that probably sounds naive and stupid, but I don't. They've been through worse. They can make it through. I know they can.

Jeff, Cheska, please stay safe.

Oh, and Minecraft Creeper was back in class with the rest of us today. He was pissed at me for pepper-spraying him and kicking him in the nuts. I blew him off.

D is doing fine, slowly recovering from the last few months. Mostly though rest and food. Ali pointed out that he might have been born mute, but when I asked him about that, he said he could remember being able to talk. So something must've happened to psychologically scar him so badly he stopped talking. I'm not sure I want to know what. And he realized he likes Cheerios, so that's another piece to the puzzle. Everything he can remember about himself is a small victory. Even if it's as simple as liking Cheerios.

Stay safe.


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