Monday, February 21, 2011

Day One with D

That's what I'm calling Note Buddy now, since we established his name starts with a D. Anyway, he slept like a rock last night and well into the afternoon. I was already done with my work and goofing off on the internet by the time he woke up. Fortunately, I'd grabbed him some food from the lunch room. He was pretty hungry. Apparently he hadn't had a real meal in something like a week. Sympathy levels rising.

Anyway, so I decided it might be a good idea to start establishing what he does know about himself, then work our way up towards remembering what he's forgotten. Here's what we do know:

Name: Unknown, starts with a D
Age: Unknown, but he thinks he's in his 20s
Town of Birth: A suburb. He remembers it being warm and sunny a lot of the time, so maybe somewhere down south? (If he talked, I might be able to gauge his accent...)
Family, Friends: Mother and Father. He remembers the name "Alice" but that could refer to anything. Mother, girlfriend, distant relative, friend. She must be important if he did remember her name, considering the fact that he barely remembers anything else.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Number: Even numbers
Favorite Type of Music: He seemed the most drawn to bands like Mumford and Sons, Sky Sailing, and the second Panic! at the Disco album.
Favorite Kind of TV Show: He was most drawn to some show involving psychologists who hunt criminals (Criminal Minds, I think. I've seen it before, but a few episodes). He's watching it right now. There's a marathon. TV is great for babysitting recovering runners. He thinks the plots are "interesting" so maybe he was studying to be/is a cop, criminal psychologist, or just likes that sort of thing. Some people do.

Once we established most of this, I started asking him other questions. Just stuff I could think of, anything that seemed relevant.

"Did you know who ever follow you when you were a kid?" (He doesn't like it when I say Slender Man.)


"You don't remember ever seeing him before three months ago?"


"And you don't remember how you ended up in that hotel room?"

no. i was just there. but i think there was someone else staying in the room with me. there was another suitcase. none of the stuff in it was mine.

(I have an epiphany.) "Was there a red sweater in the suitcase?"


"Did you look in the suitcase at all? Was there a reddish sweater in there?"

i don't think so.

"Okay, do you remember seeing anyone in a red sweater? Was there a red sweater in the room anywhere?"

i don't think so. i think (He stopped here for a few seconds, like he was thinking really hard.) i kinda remember someone in red. flashes of it, before i woke up in the room. why?



"No one, no one. What kind of hotel was it?"

the cheap kind. dirty. motel 8 i think.

"Okay. How did you find out about me?"

i came here. was wandering around. i was hiding near here, went out to see if i could scrounge around for food. i saw him in front of your window. figured out who lived in the window. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to stalk you.

"Dude, that's not even the weirdest thing to happen to me lately. I can forgive you for that one." (I hesitate) "You really don't remember how you got those scars?"

no. i remember it hurting, but not what happened.

"Okay. You don't have to think about that too much. Why can't you talk?"

don't know. every time i try my voice doesn't work.

There isn't any physical scars on his throat...anyone else know why a guy wouldn't be able to talk? Psychological, maybe?

Anyway, he'd never heard of any of the standard Slender blogs before, and since he can't remember Slender ever following him as a kid, we still have no idea why he latched onto him. Or why Redlight got involved, if Redlight was involved. I can't see why he wouldn't be, though. The guy has no memory and he vaguely remembered seeing someone in red before he woke up in that hotel room. It wouldn't surprise me if Redlight was involved. Is Redlight big on torture, though? Again. Wouldn't surprise me. Asshole...

D is still pretty shell-shocked. He's slowly getting over it, but I think he can't quite believe he's safe(ish). He's just sitting there watching TV.

Damn, I feel so bad for him. >:

If anything new turns up, I'll let you know. In other news, Ava...Ava's in trouble. Reach is going after her. And Vivi/Chester got hacked by some bitch Tenebria. Guys, I think you should change your password. And Tenebria can go to hell.

Stay safe, guys.


P.S. D says hi. I told him all about you guys. ^^


  1. When there too much screaming on the inside, the outside voice stops working.

  2. Tell D we say hi.

    We'll change our password as soon as we can. Meanwhile, we have to put up with her.


  3. @Frap: So, psychological then? Makes the most sense, if he's seen/been through something horrible he can't remember...I dunno. I tried looking it up but Wiki is NO HELP WHATSOEVER. >.<

    @Vivi: That sucks. She's sort of a bitch, isn't she? With all the shit going on, that's the last thing you need. Bleeping proxies...

  4. Hmm. It's probably psychological trauma, given what you've mentioned about him, but then again he could have injuries to his throat that you can't see...or he could be mute (maybe even born mute). Maybe you could ask him if he remembers talking?
    But, um, keep that pepper spray handy.

  5. @Ali: Ooh, good point. I didn't think to ask him that. Thanks. ^^