Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Note


I got contacted.

Remember that creeper classmate who I said may or may not be an agent? Yeah, he walked up to me today and gave me a note. Said "he" wanted me to read it.

The this:


Youwereright. Ididnotneedhimtobreakyou. ButifyouinvolvehimIwillnothesitate. Youwilldiscovertheupstart'sfate, thenifyouvalueyourbrother'slife, youwillnotbringitupagain.


It was signed with an operator symbol.


It got freakier.

My brother called ten minutes ago. The Proxy that attacked him is dead. He was found hanging by a sheet in his jail cell. The cops think it was suicide. I know better.

He's outside my window. Just staring. Like he has every night since the 26th.





  1. Your classmate is a creeper.

    Don't get too close to him, otherwise SSSSSSSSSSSSS oh crap


    *shot for Minecraft joke*

  2. Forgive me for not getting the joke... xD

    But don't worry, I intend to stay as far away from him as possible.


  3. Look up "minecraft creeper" on YouTube. They are totally silent green monsters (except for a hissing noise before they explode) that, if they get too close to you, will blow up you, anything you may be standing next to, and a good section of the ground. They also look damn freaky. xD