Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mood Swings of the Experiment

Yeaahh, last night/this morning was...interesting.

D, at my urging, posted on the blog. In an attempt to help, Scott left a list of names of what I assume are fallen runners. D...sort of freaked out. Partially because they sounded familiar, but he couldn't remember where, and...well, I don't know if that triggered a flashback or something, because he started freaking out. He was just sitting in the corner, scribbling in his notebook. Here's how it went down:

"D? You okay?"

how do i know how do i know how do i know

"D, it's okay, you probably just read some of the blogs. It makes sense if you were being stalked by him."

no no no no

"D, you okay?"

red sweaters, bright lights, everywhere, all around me, don't want to, no no no no no i won't i won't i won't i won't you can't make me please it hurts, it hurts, i won't, no no no

(right about I took away his notebook and gave him a hug) "It's okay. It's okay, you're going to be okay. Shh, shh. You're safe now. He can't hurt you. Shhh."

It took him a good five minutes to calm down.

BUT there is a happier ending. I think we need to stop calling him D...

...And start calling him Daniel.

He's not 100% sure that's his name, but he's pretty damn sure. It's the one he's latched on to the most, so hell with it. I'm calling him Daniel now. He's pretty pleased with this.

OH and thanks to JediZero I had a good laugh at Minecraft Creeper's expense. over at Exilis Veritas there has been a theory bouncing around that Tenebria is Slender's bastard daughter. In light of this, I walked up to Creeper after class and did this:

"Dude, I need to pass on a message to Slender. Tell him we know about what happened in Vegas with that stripper. It's not cool, man. No means no. And since when has he been into tentacle hentai? [Creeper looks mightily confused by this point] He really needs to talk to Tenebria. Yeah, we know about the two of them. If he just told her he was her dad, then maybe she wouldn't have so many emotional problems. Girl needs a father, you know? [He's REALLY confused at this point] Anyway, just tell him I said that. 'Kay?"

I walked off before a) he could ask any questions or b) before I burst out laughing and ruined the moment. His face was HILARIOUS. Somewhere between completely confused and completely disturbed.

No sign of Slenderp, but he's probably going to show up again once night falls. He's been out there every damn night. Stubborn, obsessed SOB.

Hoping you guys are doing okay.

and daniel

ETA: And then I read this and got all depressed again. He has a point, though...


  1. OH LORD





  2. You're welcome. ^^ I figure that should keep Creeper confused and off my back for the next week or so. Or give him nightmares. Or both. xD


  3. Huh. It's an interesting coincidence...actually, probably not. There are a lot of Daniels in the world. I'm glad you got his (probable) name, and I'm glad you're staying safe.

  4. Interesting coincidence to what? *interested*


  5. Alora: The guy who attacked me in Tucson is named Daniel. He's currently in the hospital, though, so it's definately not the same person...probably a meaningless coincidence in the end.

    *edit: Speaking of meaningless coincidences, the captcha code when I entered my comment was "noncut", which is of course another huge difference between the two Daniels.

  6. @Ali: Huh. That is a weird coincidence. That first bit, anyway. The thing about the captcha code just makes me think that the internet knows exactly what's going on. Which is really freaking scary when you think about it. o.o