Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Post

Nothing has really happened this week (well, aside from the fact that I suddenly have a lot of reading to do), but I did have two freak-out moments.

The first was really sort of stupid. I thought I saw you know who out of the corner of my eye...BUT it was just the tall weird kid from one of my classes. This had better not be a regular thing with him.

The second is...a little scarier.

So I enter one of the classrooms, happen to glance at the chalk board, and...insert heart attack here...there was an operator symbol on the board.

And this wasn't even a math class, where I could have waved it off as being a tensor product symbol. That and it was the only thing on the board, so even if I *was* in a math class it would still be weird. I'm sure that my classmates were wondering why I erased the thing before sitting down.

I really hope that doesn't mean anything.



  1. I hope so too, but just in case, keep your eyes open and be careful. Something big is most likely going to happen soon.

  2. Uh, saw your comment on Let us Keep living-- a while back, now. About Zeke. Sorry, I'm bad at...


    If you hadn't found it already..

  3. @Scott: Part of me really wishes you hadn't said that, but the rest of me is relieved. At least that weird feeling of "calm before the storm" I've been getting doesn't mean that I'm crazy.

    @Jean: No, I hadn't found it. Thanks for the heads-up. :) Good to know someone's still alive and kicking...all things considered...