Saturday, November 5, 2011


still running. stopped for a breather. don't know how long i can write, but i'll tell You as much as i can.

Alora did the stupid thing, actually went to see Lucien. i only know because i was watching Lucien. i thought he would try something. i had no idea...

i was too far away to hear what they were saying. all i know is that one second she was fine, then...he touched her head. once. she collapsed. i nearly ran out to help her, but she got back up after a second.

but it wasn't her. Chimere was back.

she's the one who left that post. she was an imposter. acted like Alora, spoke like her, fooled everyone.

i knew, but i couldn't do anything to stop her.

surprised Chimere didn't delete the blog and walk away from everything, but...i don't know.

i have to go.


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