Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Weeks, Four Days

I am so, so sorry.

But we're all alive, that's the good news.

The problem was that my parents freaked after I just up and went missing back in June. Alice and Daniel were nearly found out a bazillion times, I couldn't go ANYWHERE without one of them, and closing the door to have some private time to myself to blog? Forget it. And the electronics in the house have been wonking out, including the internet, which I can only assume is the result of our mutual friend.

Chimere hasn't shown her face, which is good, and I haven't been forced into going back to therapy, which is better. But my therapist tried to call three times. I hung up on her.

Daniel is still convinced Slenderman either killed his brother or has his brother, despite no real evidence to support this. Alice is getting her hands on some family photos, though, so maybe something will show up. I don't know.

Finally caught up on the blogs. Good to see no one's died lately.

But dammit, Hakurei, I actually kinda liked that song.

Anyway, the 'rents have mostly calmed down so I should be able to post more.

But...I'm so sorry about the long absence.

I missed you guys.



  1. You're alright. That's what's important.

  2. I was getting worried about you guys. Good to know all's (relatively) alright.