Saturday, May 7, 2011


Stay away.

Please, stay away, please, stay away, please stay away.

Don't come back. Please...


  1. How do you know that?! How the HELL are they going to be okay after this?!


  2. People die, Alora. People die, even when, by all logic, it should not be their time. They've lost a friend, sure. In one way or another, so have we all. But there's always love, and memories - and they've lost all the dangerous ones. Harry will make sure justice will be done - and that's the best any of us can do, isn't it? So you have to try to believe. You have to believe - that they'll be okay. Simple as that. Because if we don't have belief, or hope, or love, or memories...what do we have?

    Sheesh, you guys are filling up my wisdom-dispensing quota by the bucketful.

    ...Don't let that undermine what I've just said.

  3. I'm haunted by the sins of my past every day. Faces of people who may never existed, who I might have saved but failed to help, people whose true identities I may never know.

    All you can do is move forward, and live with the pain as best as you can.