Sunday, May 15, 2011


alora's family dragged her off to go do something. apparently she's been sulking too much and they're trying to fix it. i dunno. either way, it's just be in this big house. too damn big.

at least i have the computer. i can try to keep my mind off of...

...well, everything else.

it's not working very well, though.

i look outside her window and all i see is the trees.

he's not here yet. maybe he's toying with us, maybe he's got other things to worry about. maybe he stopped caring. but i doubt it.

alora had better come back soon.



  1. What if she gets killed or kidnapped before she comes back?! Oh, no! That would be horrible! Or maybe Al Qaeda stops being little girls and launches a nuke?! Or - or, even worse - or what if you're being PARANOID?!?

    If something bad was going to happen it probably would've happened already. Just because things are going okay (if not good) doesn't mean it's not going to stay that way.

  2. she is back now, actually. and i was more lonely and needed someone to take my mind off things. she's good at that.


    Thank you. ^^


  3. See?

    No need for negativity. Glad you're doing fine Alora. :]

  4. Fine-ish. My mom is trying to get me to wear colors again, and I keep not sleeping until the sun's come up because of the damn nightmares. Sooner or later, the 'rents are going to wonder why I'm sleeping past noon, and then a therapist will get involved. I think I bit my last therapist...

    (what?! -d)

    That was a joke, Daniel.