Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Daniel's gone.


There was a note in the room.

Trial Three: Trial of Endurance.

For Worm Boy, not you.

If he lives, he will be back around midnight.

If he will know.


I got the note at five. Ran around the entire campus looking for him. He's nowhere on-campus. The only think I can think of is...

...There's a forest nearby.

The sun is setting soon.

I shouldn't...I'm not sure...the sun might set while I'm out...

He would go looking for me, no matter how scared I was, but I...I can't...

I don't know. I don't know what to do.

I don't know what to do...


  1. It's ok, Alora. You just have to be patient. He can do it.

  2. But...but I...

    I can't just...I can't just SIT here while he's in trouble and...


  3. Oop. I can't believe I let them get that phone. Look, Alora, Farris is right. Daniel, well, he's awesome. You are also awesome, but as far as I know you do not have special powers. The best you can do is to believe in him. I really advise against going after him. What if you found him? MC would just let him go? No. He'd be killed. And then you too. This is a hostage situation and I know how to deal with it. Please, just...don't do anything rash. I'm having a lot of issues right now and one of them is losing people I care about. Can't bear it.

  4. Apologies for the double comment, but if you'll notice, your tagline is "Promise Me You'll Never Feel Afraid." You've got to be confident, Alora. Everything will turn out okay.

  5. ...I want to think that. I really do. I just...

    I don't even know what's happening to him. My mind is just racing with all these things that could be happening to him and it's terrifying. I'm not scared for me, I'm scared for him.

    I'm not sleeping again, am I?

  6. No idea, but what if you wake up and it's a dream? That'd be nice...

    I know you're not scared for yourself. Think of it this way. He COULD just be forced to stuff himself with cookies or chocolate and not puke. That counts as endurance, right?

    And if that doesn't work for you, he's got, uh, mental powers, right? He could hear your panicked, worried thoughts right now and be even more motivated to get back. Or maybe he can contact you. Or convince MC to leave him alone.

  7. If I know anything about Minecraft, I know that going out after dark is a bad idea. And also pork is delicious.

  8. @Joce: ..Okay, I'll admit, I smiled a little at the cookie comment.

    And...I guess you're right.

    I'm still worried, though...

    @Terry: Oh, trust me, I know going out after night is bad. I...sort of have an anxiety disorder about the dark. I couldn't go out there if I tried once the sun sets...

  9. Ouch, yeah. I'm entirely in that boat with you. Glad I could make you smile, though.

    It's entirely natural to be worried, but panicking isn't going to help. What did Vivi and Chess keep saying? Try to believe. C'mon, say it...uh, type it with me! Daniel will be okay.

  10. Daniel will be okay.

    Or at least he'd better be, or I'll kick his ass in the afterlife.


  11. HA! That's the spirit, Alora.

    Good job, Joce.

  12. Alora, seriously, there's nothing you can do. He's a strong lad, he'll be alright. You should at least try to nap or something tonight. I know it's going to be difficult, but you don't want to get kicked out of school until you really have to. He'll be fine, and you will be too. You can get through this. And you'll kick Minecraft Creeper's arse, as well.