Saturday, February 26, 2011

it's daniel again

i know alora mostly told you what happened last night, but i decided i should throw in my two cents.

first off, nothing about damien or the people he knew or what happened to him felt even remotely familiar. sorry scott, but i don't think i'm him. it was a good theory though. the names are strangely similar. i just wish i knew where i'd heard of him before...

but i did get a "flasback" i guess you call them from...

i've seen what he does. i remember seeing it. being there. several times. different people. i know their names.

barbara. greg. david. susan. little susan. susie.

she was just a kid. just a child. she'd just turned six. he killed her. took away her life. she wanted to be a nurse. why why why would you take that away she was just a child she was

sorry. calm now.

i couldn't sleep last night. alora never talks about it, but he's out there all the time. i've always known. she's not kidding anyone.

part of me wants to go out there and hurt him for what he did to those people. the rest of me wants to run, and keep running.

but alora thinks we're safe here and i trust her. so i guess i'm staying put.

oh, and she wants me to tell you that jeff and cheska are alive. she's pretty happy about that. i don't know them, but i hope they make it out okay. no one else needs to die. not now, not ever.


  1. Right. That's okay, at least you're starting to remember some things...

    Some time I'm going to check the comments in Dreams in Darkness. Perhaps you posted there a couple of times, which would explain how the names sound familiar.

  2. hmmm good point. that blog allowed anonymous comments, right? maybe one of them is me looking for answers after what i saw. i dunno...i didn't even think to look at the comments. that's a good idea.

  3. looking at the comments in that story is actually kinda important, considering Rick's input at the end.

    i hope you find what you're looking for, man.