Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Damn Tired

"Careful to leave a trail of something other than breadcrumbs as you go down the rabbit hole. The inhabitants tend to be hungry and the crumbs may just serve as an appetizer."

Thage said that to me a few posts ago. And was completely right, as usual.

I guess I should tell you about everything that happened yesterday. It started off pretty normal, classes and all, until...

Well, remember when I did a post saying that I went into one of my classes and there was an operator symbol on the chalkboard? I had that same class again today, so I went in...and the whole damn chalkboard was covered in operator symbols. I nearly had a heart attack on the spot. Trying not to react was the hardest thing I've ever done.

To make matters a thousand times worse, I'm just sitting there waiting for the professor when someone leans over and whispers, "He's coming to get you, Barbara..."

It was that creepy kid, the tall skinny one I kept thinking was Slender. He was grinning like a shark. I'm not sure if he's just being an ass, or if he's an "Agent" or whatever (thanks to Scott for writing the post about the different levels of proxy-dom, BTW). Either option sucks.

So, I spend the rest of the day just feeling generally uneasy, I finally get back to my dorm room to veg, and...the lights aren't working.

Now, keep in mind, it's after sunset by now, so my nictophobia is in full swing. Coming back to my room only to find that the freaking lights don't work is like a big "eff you" from the universe.

And then It Got Worse.

I'm on the phone with the campus maintenance people, trying to get one of them over here to find out what's wrong with my lights, and as I happen to glance out the window...he was there. Slender. Just standing there, staring up into my window. I freaked. And by freaked, I mean "screamed really loud into the poor maintenance guy's ear and dropped the phone".

Fortunately, I was able to explain it away as me being startled by someone, and they did fix my lights. Unfortunately, Slender stood outside my window all. Damn. Night. I did not sleep, at all.

I also refused to look out the window every three seconds to see if he was still there. I stayed at my desk, watched videos of cats doing stupid things, and tried to act like I didn't know he was there. I know my freak-out probably ruined the illusion, but that was all I was going to give him. How I managed to keep from freaking out is beyond me. Liberal dosages of LOLcats, I guess.

And, this might sound weird, but for some reason I kept thinking, "He had better not watch try to watch me change."

Slenderman: Murderer and utter pervert.

Anyway, he left sometime this morning. I was able to get about an hour of sleep, and I'm going to try to take a nap later, but right now I'm high on sleep deprivation and caffeine. We're talking major coffee breath here. That was probably TMI, but I'm too tired to care.

I'll try to do more Keeper-y things later, but I have a few ideas if you guys want to leave some feedback.

1. Timeline
Basically this would involve massive amounts of archive binging and setting up a timeline of events. I'm not sure how helpful it will be, it might be good for checking for patterns to Slender-Events.

2. Terminology
Basically just a separate page that links to other posts that explain things a lot better than I could.

3. Mythological Explanations
I know a lot of people are considering mythological implications behind Slender, and I figured I could just throw in my two cents. I already have a theory about Slenderman and water, but again, I'm really tired, and if I tried to write it out now I'd probably just sound like an idiot.

As for an update on how the other runners are doing, it looks like Kate is getting the help she needs, but...I'm really worried about Andrew. And I haven't read the entire blog yet, but I think this woman is going to need our help. There's a little girl involved, guys. We should just be on standby in case things go wrong. Or worse than they're already going.

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can rest a bit before I have more classes. I'll try to get back on the topic of stopping Slim Jim once my head is on straight.

Stay safe, guys.



  1. Damnit....

    I was hoping something like this wouldn't happen.

    If you need me, I'll be around.


  2. I was hoping too. :< On the plus side, he hasn't showed up today so far (knock on wood), and if he holds to the pattern he used last time he came around, he should only really show his lack-of-face at night, when I'm inside anyway. Unless he follows me up here (and he might not, I'm higher than the third floor), I think I should be okay as long as I keep my head on. I'm already devising a list of coping mechanisms. Most of which involve the site Cute Overload. (One word: puppies.)